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  1. Yeah, to YOU. Not everyone has the same opinions as you, as you can clearly see by some of the replies on this thread. People do what's fun in this game. Some people think efficiency is really fun. Some people think taking things easy and doing things themselves is fun. No need to call bs on something just because you don't agree.
  2. The thing that's wrong with this is that the account recovery system is TERRIBLE. Anyone can access your account if they know enough about your past account activity. And they should REALLY ask for confirmation. Like to enter the CVS code on the back, or something. ANYTHING. But they don't, you just click a button.
  3. itunes its a given that they have unlimited ability to buy shit but runescape was a surprise. I think any kids parents who got hit with this are able to sue jagex Also anyone whos account gets hijacked through Jagex's joke of a recovery system and gets charged for more squeal rolls can sue as well I almost hope they get sued. :( If it's the stupid investors that are ruining this game.. It's so typical. If I ever make it big with my own company I'm NOT SELLING TO INVESTORS. They just sit there and suck the life out of it and make everything about MONEY. And it sucks. I'm unhappy.
  4. Maybe it should be added to that announcement about credit card security (which is GREAT idea by the way) that if you do find yourself in a situation where someone buys spins for your account, to contact your credit card company? I'm pretty sure the cc company won't have any issues refunding you and charging Jagex for the mistake. If this happens enough, maybe Jagex will get some damn security in order for our accounts already. It's pathetic how bad they are at this. I'm starting to hate how much fun I have with this game. Microtransactions in RS? I don't CARE what they say, if someone has a WHOLE bunch of money? They are ABSOLUTELY buying an advantage if they can buy 75 (times however much money they have) spins whenever they want. They're BUYING exp. And this is totally gambling, whether you actually "win" anything or not. I HOPE dicing clans start up with Jagex's new def'n of "not gambling" just to show Jagex how ridiculous they are being. I'm not one to usually rant about what Jagex does. "If you don't like it, don't use that part of the game." But this affects EVERYONE for sure. There's no way around it. People with money can now buy an advantage in this game. Thanks Jagex.
  5. blakdragon39

    at symbol~.<

    As a point of note: I'm Canadian and my keyboard supports ALMOST EVERYTHING. I've got options for the UK, Canadian Multi-Lingual Standard, and US. US is the only one that makes sense to what I ever type. :P It used to switch itself to Canadian Multilingual standard all the time. -.- I had to disable the option to switch languages. xD /Minirant. Wonder if this guy got logged in yet? Did he switch keyboards or something? Maybe a setting changed somewhere.
  6. Wrong. Half hour limit was removed a good year+ ago. .....What? Okay, I agree, this is ridiculous then. :P
  7. A lot of people seem to be complaining about how useless teleports are now with the lodestones.. or are thinking of replacing current methods of doing things with new methods that incorporate lodestones. But it seems a lot of people are forgetting that home tele can only be used every HALF HOUR. And I teleport around a lot more than that.
  8. He changed his name that Joseph Kony?? Jeez, no wonder they made him change that name. What a ridiculous idea that was..
  9. I never even thought of this.. But now that I have I think it seems unfair too. =\ Super lucky person gets even more insanely lucky? Alright I guess.
  10. Everyone ... that is a paying member, that spins twice per day, every day, that knows about the competition on the forum, and that only uses spins on 1 account have the same chance of winning. Otherwise, you have an increased/decreased chance of winning that could, in theory, be significant. I'm not going to fuss over it since it's not the end of all time, but do not think it's entirely "fair" just because it's "luck"-based. They don't automatically go hand-in-hand. I had no idea this competition existed until I saw it posted on reddit. I doubt many people here regularly spend a bunch of time on the rsof. I know I don't. Definitely doesn't hurt anyone's chances to make people aware of it. :D
  11. [qfc]254-255-159-63608827[/qfc] I don't know if anyone saw this. How many people will actually even WIN a skull tattoo? I'm guessing MAYBE two. Maybe. :P I think this is a ploy to get more people to sign up for members... Seems to follow the recent Jagex trend. Double the daily rolls! What do you guys think? To elaborate: Jagex is holding a "contest." If you post in that thread wearing a skull tattoo in the next 4 weeks, you have a chance to win membership for life.
  12. Ooh... But it's ARDOUGNE task diary. :( Lame. Thanks, I'll give it another try. :P EDIT: Worked, done task now. Thanks guys. :P
  13. Okay, I did these steps, TWICE, and the task never got finished: Killed a bear for meat. Made it into sinew in Ardougne on a range. Ran to Witchaven to craft the sinew into a crossbow string. The first time, I crafted the yew stock in witchaven too. The second time I crafted the yew stock in Ardougne. Then I tele'd to Yanille, boosted my smithing one level with Dwarven Stout to make rune crossbow limbs. Then I put the limbs on stock, and strung the crossbow. But the task NEVER finished. Whats going on??
  14. Hmm I like the chest/legs on that one. ^^
  15. I've just got my first 99, Constitution! But my skilling outfit totally doesn't match it, so I need a new one. It's untrimmed for now, and probably for the next long while. I want to wear my white chompy hat with it, that's all I know for sure. Need some red/white skilling outfit ideas!
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