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  1. While looking at guides for various things, and talking to some players, I hear a lot about D.I.Y. in Runescape. For instance, players making their own rune armor or gathering there own 2nd ingredients for Herblore. I never understood this because the way I look at it, gathering your own 2nd ingredients can maybe net you 200-400k per hour profit if you sold them, whereas there are many ways to make 3x, 4x even 5x and more that amount by doing various other things.. So what are the benefits of "doing it yourself?" Besides the bs about "the joy of accomplishing it on your own or whatever" because making the money and buying the supplies and still having 600k seems like a much better "accomplishment" to me..
  2. I'm pretty sure the majority of players don't have 96 Summoning, obviously in that case inventory space isn't a concern. Oh damn, you stumped me there... Really? Almost every single one lol, dragons, black demons, nechryaels especially, not to mention even with other tasks, it's still smart to pick up something even if it's only worth 900gp, cause you might as well grab it instead of leave with open spots.. So, yea, you sure made me look stupid lol Good point, reason i used them as an example is because I was killing them while writing this so I knew the XP gained off the top of my head, out of curiosity, where is the "right place" cause I just go to the Slayer Tower, works fine for me. Mainly I do this for situations where you run out of Prayer Potions or food, but aren't in immediate danger of death, and don't want to take the time to bank if you have 3 left, which is the main problem this solves. The point of this isn't to "save time," it's to have an extra inventory space open for drops when finishing a task, or for food or potions when starting one. I don't really get what you're saying. The way I do it, is just to quickly figure out how much XP i need to complete the task, then just use that as a rough guide to get a general idea of how I'm doing, say the total is 31,900 and I glance at how much I have so far, and it's around 17,500, then I know I'm a little over halfway done, I just wrote out each step in detail just to be thorough. Also, I never said it was a magical solution to all your problems, I know it's not a "game changer," it's exactly what the title says it is: a quick tip. I don't know why everyone has to flame it, no one is forcing you to do this, it's just "a little tip" if you want to be able to go to your task with 1 extra prayer potion and leave with 1 extra dragon bone, simple as that. Then you lose the ability to bring an extra prayer potion or shark with you, I used to do that too, but then just started doing this.. Bottom line is, I quickly wrote this out to give people an option if they wanna mildly increase efficiency while training slayer, if you don't like it, don't use it, I'm juse trying to help people out and show them an option they may not have thought of....
  3. You're joking right? I clearly state why my way is better than bringing the gem... Not once, but twice... Can you not read or do you just enjoy wasting valuable space by carrying items that are completely unnecessary? Seriously, give me ONE reason why bringing the gem is better than doing what I said.. Can I make the purpose any clearer for you?
  4. Hah, you're right I forgot about that lol, I'm currently slaying and figured I'd write this up quickly, wasn't paying full attention apparently, thank you for pointing that out and I'm glad you find it helpful :P
  5. This isn't really a guide, but I didn't really know where else to put it.. While training slayer, every inventory slot helps, for bringing potions and picking up drops and such.. So what I've been doing lately is instead of bringing the slayer gem, I do this: For example, say your task is 190 Bloodveld, 1. Before going to slay them, clear one of you XP counter slots to 0, and set it to slayer.. 2. Go to Bloodvelds, kill 1, and see how much slayer XP you get (It will be 120) 3. Use your calculator (one on computer or cell phone is a good idea if you don't have an actual calculator) 4. Find out what 120 x 190 is, which is 22,800 5. That is how much XP you need to finish the task, so let's say you're at 12,240 and want to know how many you have left.. 6. All you have to do, is type 12,240/120, which gives you 102, the number you've killed so far.. 7. Then, simply subtract that from the total: 190 - 102, which gives you 88.. THAT'S how many you have left. Some of you may find this useless, unnecessary, or maybe even obvious.. But I think it's pretty helpful, and yea it's very simple math and fairly obvious, but I'm sure lots of people just haven't thought of doing this and wouldn't mind an extra open inventory slot.. So I hope this helps! Also, sorry if this isn't the right spot, move if necessary... Happy Scaping! EDIT: Thanks Naive for pointing out a crucial error I made lol
  6. I was trying to come up with a new skill, and the best thing I could come up with was multi-tasking, it's hard to come up with a new one because it's either already there in a different form or would make an already overpowered game even more overpowered.. So I was thinking, this skill would encourage people to train multiple skills at once, what I was thinking was something like you gain XP each time you gain XP in two or more different skills in a give time, say 10-20 seconds or something... For instance, if you were training melee and using a cannon, or mining and superheating, or fletching and alching... Rewards would be the ability to "multi-task" quicker, for instance... Say you're mining and superheating, the higher multi-tasking level you have, once you perform the combination once, each time after you would either mine and superheat quicker, or possible have a temporary increase in both skills, such as +3 magic level and +3 mining level, or even gain more XP in magic and mining whilst doing both... Just a thought, it's probably a horrible idea, but coming up with a new skill is difficult... So i don't know.. Input and discussion welcome..
  7. What's up Tipit? My name is Dangarous, I've recently made a list of goals I wish to accomplish, and I know it will take a long time.. I want to eventually be able to make loads of money by killing bosses, but I have a LOT of work ahead.. So, here are my current stats as of 2-19-12: These are My Main Goals: 90 Slayer 99 Ranged 96 Herblore 96 Summoning 85 Dungeoneering 95 Prayer Acces to TD's, Glacors, and Frost Dragons Defeat Jad and Obtain the Fire Cape 60+ All Skills 70+ All Skills 80+ All Skills 90+ All Skills [spoiler=Quests Completed] [spoiler=All Levels 60+] I just got this Saturday 2-18-12: EDIT (2-19-12): My current plan: --DONE--Complete a Hard clue I got from a Nechryael. --DONE--Complete "The Feud" quest. Get 84-85 Herblore Make about 100-250 Super Antifire Potions Use all 13 Effigies on Herblore Kill Mithril Dragons until I get a Dragon Full Helm (Or a TT reward worth at least 50M) for cash to spend on Herblore, Summoning, Etc... Since I am quickly running out... Wish me luck! Just got this 2-21-12: EDIT (2-20-12): In order to make some cash, I'm going to make a list of monsters to kill in hopes of making some cash money, because getting 83-96 Herblore will cost me roughly 130M (although this doesn't take into account the 13 effigies I currently have or BXPW, which I plan on making good use of by purely training Herblore), but that doesn't even include Summoning, Prayer, Ranged, etc.. So I have a LOT of money I need to make, and I figure this will be a good way. I will also record ALL my drops and post them when finished.. I also plan on completing ALL the Treasure Trails I get as soon as I get them (hopefully I'll get some third-age armor, but I'm not counting on it, seeing as how I have horrible luck when it comes to them.. But it only takes getting lucky once to make me an assload of cash) Here is a list of the monsters I plan to kill, the numbers might change and I might add more, but here's my list as of now: 85 Herblore (Currently banked, but that needs to happen first so I can stock up on Super Antifires to help kill these listed monster) 10,000 Green Dragons 1,500 Abyssal Demons 1,000 Mithril Dragons 150 General Graardor (Bandos GWD) 250 Steel Dragons 1,500 Dagannoths 1,000 Revenants 1,500 Aberrant Spectres [spoiler=Monster Drops and Clue Rewards] Thanks for checking out my blog and there is much more to come!
  8. I hear all this talk about it but no matter where I look I cant find out when it is can someone please tell me!!
  9. Thanks for the reply.. Anything I can do that won't take weeks or months that can open up more options?
  10. My RS name is Dangarous, my stats are: 67 Summoning 84 Herblore 1 Dung... Fail? 92 Ranged 94 Magic 72 Prayer 99 Attack, Strength, Defence, HP I'm in desperate need of money since I've been training Summoning and Herblore ALOT lately and I want to find a competent team of 2-4 people with similar stats to mine to team up on some bosses for some income, let's all make some cash.. Either post here or PM me in RS if you wanna get together and either duo or maybe try to get a 3-4 man team together but it would probably be easier to duo either DKs, GWD, KQ maybe.. I'm also open to any suggestions but I really wanna find some cool people to make some $$ with!! PM ME ASNAP (I like the way A-SNAP sounds better than ASAP lol..)
  11. My RS name is Dangarous.. I've recently been trying to achieve some goals to help me full time boss hunt.. Currently: 67/96 Summoning 84/96 Herblore 72/95 Prayer 92/99 Ranged 94/95 Magic 1/85 Dungeoneering Attack, Strength, Defence, HP all 99... I obviously can't do Frosts and I have shitty QP so I'm no where near able to do Glacors or TDs.. I don't know what to kill for money! My non-combat stats are basically garbage so I'm assuming that's not much help.. I have roughly 30-40M in total wealth since I blew a lot of money on Summoning and mainly Herblore and I'm going broke!! I just can't seem to find a decent, steady, somewhat enjoyable (at least something that won't bore me to death) way to make some steady cashflow... I need help!! I tried Green Dragons but there's 10-15 3-item noobs/bots on EVERY world and I get angry and just start killing them, I tried Nechs for ashes but that's not cutting it at all.. I'm open to ALL suggestions... I was also thinking of finding like 2-4 people around my level that want to team up to kill DKs or GWD or maybe even KQ...If anyone is interested PLEASE PM me in-game, again my name is Dangarous and I want to find a couple people who want to make some bank with me... Someone help meh! I just can't seem to find anything good to do.....
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