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  1. The Freelance Mind - Freelance, Graphics, and Webmaster Discussion forums
  2. Hey RuneMetsa! I see you made a great design, but you spliced and used frames for the design :wall: If you want, I can take your template and make it not only frameless, but also XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.1 validated. (HTML is sooo old) Either way, I also emailed you in regards for a little job :P
  3. I was thinking something along the lines of majestic and royal. I'm don't. :D If you are talking about the purple/red, I plan on making a second version of this skin, only using a similar shade of blue. Keep it coming peoplez!
  4. I can give you a 10 page long essay on why I chose IPB, and why I hate phpBB. But we'll save that for PM ;), if you're interested. Either way, thanks for the feedback.
  5. Sure, just to warn you, the images are not made 100%. I am doing this on my test board, since my main one is closed down for a conversion. http://www.forumpromotion.org/board/testboard
  6. Well, check it out: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/fina ... ected.html Earlier today, the House of Representatives had a vote for the $700 billion bailout for Wall Street to help the economy, but it was shot down. What are your opinions on this? I have a feeling the US is heading straight for a depression worse than that of the 1930s.
  7. But then it wouldn't be a true pixel sig, eh? ;)
  8. It's definetally not your greatest work, but it's not bad either. The brown dog (the one thats more left than the other), could use a bit of cleaning up, it has a lot of jagged edges (Even fur isn't that jaggy). Otherwise, great work! :
  9. Sorry to say I kinda got to go. I might stop by once in a while, but you could tell from my inactiveness that I do not plan on making sigs for a while. Hope you guys understand. It was great working with you. I learned lots about PDN from you guys!
  10. I agree with Jopie. Texture-you need to have more of different shades of brown in your sand, to make it look like its really a bunch of grains. Saturated Colors- get away from the default colors Also: -The perspective seems messed up. There's little deminition in it (did I spell that right :XD: ) and it almost looks like the snake's tail is in the air. Remember that vanishing points can be very important in these kind of pixels. -The camels are too large for being on the horizon (goes with above) -the cactus's shading is a little off, make it go down a bit more. Not bad for a first pixel, though!
  11. It's plain, I don't like the text, and the C4D (whatever it is) seems to cut off too roughly. Add in some more things and make it pizzazy. Are you making it black and white? Respond more later, got to go.
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