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  1. If you really believe that your an idiot. Japan That is all. That is the kind of logic that clearly marks you as an idiot. Well done.
  2. To your first point, I see it as just the opposite. Botting and the defense of botting is just a symptom of how our morals are loosening across the board. As for your second point, I don't really know how to answer that. I suppose that you could say stupidity begets stupidity, but does that mean we should sit back and let people wallow in it? Or will you try and change them for the better? You can only try and help people if they are willing to except it. You can't force your help on someone, because that has been the driving factor in so many cases of tyranny. I know that has nothing to do with Runescape, but I am a poli sci major and have become acute to those kinda of statements. I usually feel obligated to critique when i see them. Sorry, really am.
  3. I went to the Varrock rune shop to buy another runecrafting cape right after Mondays update to find that he no longer sold them, and there were at least 10+ lvl 3 characters all just standing in the shop doing nothing. Was pretty funny really, got my cape in the RC guild so no one panic either.
  4. Fixed the pictures. Thanks for all the good comments! :thumbsup:
  5. If someone can tell me how to crop the pictures to be full, i would love the help
  6. Credit card thefts/ less people wanting to be members. Also what about unfair banning? (which Jagex does fairly often). Terrible idea You got to realize that most people that bot are just kids and stuff. There is a huge difference between cheating on a game and committing a grand theft. Sure some people would pay with stolen credit cards, but the vast majority of botters wouldn't. terrible criticism.
  7. I beat you by soooo much :rolleyes: Gratz! 10/1
  8. Don't know if someone pointed this out, but UK laws only apply in the UK, not America for example. Secondly, who the hell would play a game were the company sues its players, even if its because they broke an in game rule? I sure wouldn't, I play games to get away from the world, and that feeling of encroachment is distasteful to me.
  9. This is an interesting idea. The trouble is, with all of the players whining about things like "My $6 only bought me 28 days of membership this month instead of 30, Jagex is scamming me !!1one", I suspect that they'd have a lot of trouble convincing people it's a good idea to fork over $50. You would be surprised what people would actually pay, especially when they know its theirs to get back at any time they wish. Oh and one edit, you would have to have a deposit in to login. you can take the deposit out but then you cant login. that makes more sense because it covers f2p. You will never find a perfect solution that will make everyone happy, but this one would work outside the realm of computer code and bring it into simple human self-interest. I have learned that nothing is more powerful than the power of the wallet. Want to fix a problem, look to how you can effect people's interests. Its the similar to the common example that you don't need a bigger police force to curb crime, you need more jobs and economic opportunity. In this case you don't need a bigger police force, you just need to connect the game players financial interests. Simple stuff really.
  10. I didn't read all 8 pages, so forgive me if this has been brought up. One of the reasons botting is so common is because the risk is so low. You buy a bot for a few dollars and a membership for a few dollars. If the bot gets banned, boowho you just lost 6 dollars. I bet if people had a lot more to lose it would curtail the problem. How about requiring a security deposite to get members? 50 bucks or something that you get back at any time you want so long as you are dropping your membership. If you get banned, you lose your security deposit. See how many ppl want to risk hundreds of dollars making 5 wc bots after that?
  11. I call [cabbage]. In no way is playing with a crappy bank fun. I don't see how the experience in the fight caves changes whether you have a decent bank or not, and it would only be more fun if you had great gear. Btw i'll take the 125M off you're hands anytime you want to have a little fun. How can you call [cabbage] to someone's personal preferences? Would you call [cabbage] if I said my favorite fruit was an apple? Sheesh
  12. I have quit several times, dropping every last thing in my bank. I have dropped hundreds of millions on the ground and into the partychest. I even sold my red phat on the g/e price controlled way below its values and dropped the coin on the ground. why? Because I have always been aware of the nature of fun in games like runescape. You get fun from dreaming of what you want and working for it. When I get there, I have to start over to have fun again. Try getting a firecape when you already have one, then try getting one after a 3 month quit and your bank blows. Its way more fun doing the later. I currently am recovering from my last rest, got about 125m in a month i think, and i am having a blast. I will inevitablly have to drop it all on the ground again, but I always have fun when I play.
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