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  1. Drop you 90 farming goal and go for 99 kai Farming is hot :
  2. It hasn't been released, they're simply saying this.... If they add Prayer-X it will take away the "wow!" from seeing someone with a Prayer cape. ^^ I agree with what they're saying. I never, ever had the "wow" effect for Prayer ever since Construction was released. I see you people whining and [bleep] about a skill being nerfed... going from 450k xp/hr to 240k xp/hr... DO YOU EVEN HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT 240K/HR IS? It's still vastly more than my best 36k xp/hr at ZMI, the fastest RC xp/hr available for me. 450k an hour? lol noob stfu, its always been 250k/hour at the best get some real levels before going around judging everything, better yet gtfo and go to rsof where you belong Actually, no. It's more than 250k/hour. Even seen Zarfot train prayer? [/hide] im sure when you go full out that you can increase the exp/h rate quite a bit but thats exceptional and i wouldnt recommend it health-wise :P but no i havent seen the vids Hmmm... when I did my prayer nearly 2 years ago I managed to get 200-250k xp per hour pretty easilly. And that was whitout familiars, whitout someone keeping my house open, and whitout mousekeys. I can imagine 350-400k xp per hour to be pretty doable using those 3. But now the offer x will slow it down again.
  3. Just go up the ladder then in stead of x-logging. It's really easy to get back in whitout getting sup or prime on you. And you don't have the risks of x-logging ;) But nice trip to both of you :
  4. Yaks, Aviansies or Chins are the only 3 viable options for range training imo. Aviansies = slow xp but good money Yaks = decent xp, slight loss/break even Chins = great xp, big loss of money. Everything else is just a waste of time or xp. Seeing as you want something that you can stop and start easilly chinning is ruled out. So go for either yaks or aviansies, or a combination of both.
  5. 2 years ago there wasn't any high level/high price stuff that was worth buying except for rares. Nowadays we have all the godwars stuff, third age and spirit sigils/shields. So the high level players now have enough items to spend there money on. And therefor no need to buy rares.
  6. Using both types of bolts (diamond and ruby) is generally accepted as the best way to go. If there was an even better way to go at godwars it would really have been found out by now. So just keep using both types of bolts :
  7. Your stats are good enough, so at least that's not the problem. Main problem might be experience in boss hunting. Have you done a lot of team trips before? Espically for Zilyana it's important to know the bosses behaviour and have experience fighting her before you try to solo. Same goes for Kree'arra, though slightly less. Someone can explain how they behave in a guide, but that won't allow you to easilly solo them. It's very important to just have experience with fighting those bosses. Also, the part were soloing can go wrong is at potting and with 'missclicks'. At Zil and Kree (soloing the other 2 godswars bosses just isn't worth it), it's very important to pot while you can't get meleed by them. This means running around the room (you always have to run around at Zil anyway, but this is important for Kree as well). For the missclicks (clicking wrong part of the map/missing a pot dose you had to drink/etc.), always fix that first. Get back in your good rythm before trying to get back to quick killing. For example, at Zil: If you missclick on the minimap getting yourself meleed by Zil the first thing you want to do is to run away from Zil, after that you want to brew out of danger zones (50+hp), and then you'll have to get back in your good run around the room. When your back in your good run you can then pot up completely again and only then start focussing on killing Zil. If you try to focus on Zil too soon it can result in big troubles.
  8. Making junk just IS a waste of time. There are no good junk items you can make. Best would be maple longbows, but that's just about 100k an hour.
  9. But... doesn't everyone hate randoms? :? I always hate getting them, useless time wasters, especially the mime guy -.-
  10. You achieved a lot! Really pity to see your going :cry: Saw you logging off earlier today, but hadn't seen you were on :( Would have loved to talk to you once again. It's a pity that our times zones are so much out of each other, never had enough time to spend with you. You've been a great friend, good luck in life!
  11. Love your lvl 1 summoning But even then, wouldn't you pick up the charms? You might someday want to train summoning after all. And you'll be happy to have a few thousands of charms in your bank than : And gratz on 99 attack 8-)
  12. Max is 19, had it 3 times I think on the way to 99 farming.
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