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  1. Here's my dear friend in his glory:
  2. grats on 2.1k :) Currently working on 2.2k my self, so good luck. Starting to get slower and slower :(
  3. Seriously, every day theres more of these topics. Please :( Starting to get annoying.
  4. Congrats, but to be totally honest this is quite useless topic to post. I have gotten over 500 rune fullhelm drops through slayer and probably thousands on the entire time I have played runescape. Anyways, congrats on your success, if rune full helms are "big money" for you. I'd give you 1/10 rating, but you took 50 screenshots out of rune full helm drops, that's ownage.
  5. I knew it. Dear god it looks vicious!! :ohnoes:
  6. Congrats man :) Well deserved level, you took your time, but you delivered! I should probably go check my collection box for that sexy green phat ;)
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