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  1. tyvm :) I've been playing rs for the last 5 years or so while I've been struggling with a chronic health problem. Now that I've finally discovered the cause and how to deal with it, I'm quitting rs so I can focus on greater things. Solo merchanting. I merched on the account for 2 months before I even started slaying, then I just kept merching as I went, and made money way faster than I could spend it. LOL! I've had several people ask me that lol. Too bad it's not legal, eh? :P That's become wayyy too easy now with soul wars. Previously it would have much too hard, and now it's too easy lol. She had fun, and if you're having fun, why not? Exactly :P It wasn't all peaches and cream, but it was a good combination of fun and challenge. I wouldn't exactly call it torture, but I also wouldn't do it again.. ever. aww tyvm :) Thanks for nice comment! I'm really hoping I'll have good health from now on out. If I do come back at some point in the future, I will definitely not do anything more bizzare. That was a fitting end to my crazy goals. tyvm :) Thanks for following me on my thread! 99 prayer wouldn't be a bad idea, but I won't be setting a foot inside soul wars, I'd never hear the end of it if I did.
  2. 3 times. It's pretty simple, really. I love slayer. Every time that I've made a new account to go for a goal, it's been different. It's never been exactly the same. That difference is enough to keep it interesting. There are as many different ways to play rs as there are people, and it really is true. The great thing about this game is you can do whatever you want/play however you want (within the rules), and it's not wrong! aww tyvm :) I did see you chasing me :P I used to have my house in brimhaven, but since I moved it to yanille for the party, glory was really the best way to get there. Thanks :) I really appreciate it! Aww thanks hawkeye :D That thread was a riot. I'm sure I shocked more than a few people lol. I'll be around Aww ty It's ok, you were able to come to 99 cons. Well, I already did it once not handicapped. After maxing Vill out, I decided that I'd rather make new accounts and get more levels instead of getting xp or going for 200 mil in something. So coming up with unique/interesting/hard things was my only option really. Much more fun than doing the same things over again. Yay superman rated me 10/10!! *faints* aww tyvm! :D I'm happy too, so it's all good. I really appreciate you sticking up for me in previous threads, even though you'd never met me thanks! :D Thanks for the pics! I always love seeing those :D This times 1000 Well if my health weren't better then I'd still be playing, getting 99 summoning, going for a 4th 99 slayer, etc. All things considered, I've had a great run on rs, I've gotten to do a lot of things, I don't regret any of my account decisions, and I'm glad I was able to finish on such an epic achievement. But my reasons for leaving outweigh any possible reason for staying. I remember you :P Ama basically quit in November 2007, when they announced the trade update. He just lost all desire to play. He played the first day of summoning, but couldn't get back into it. I still talked to him after that, but he stopped coming around. I haven't talked to him in a long time now. Thanks, Cent! I will miss you very much toooo. Thanks for being such a good friend to me. Agree. I enjoyed all that info from the log. Nicely done. Thanks! I knew that would be interesting to at least a few people. And yes, getting tasks from Vannaka was quite tedious. I stopped getting new tasks around 81 slayer I think. Yup lol. I LOL'd. That was quite funny. Aww ty! It was great to meet you too! And I'm glad you came along. It went MUCH better than I thought it would, even with the two deaths. Here's the vid :D
  3. 1-99 slayer is of course 13.034m xp. Which over 347 days is an average of 37, 561 xp a day. If you only get 3k an hour, that is over 12 hours playing on average per day, in addition to the time it takes to get 99 construction and magic. I realise that you got some xp from penguins and genies, but it was less than 10% of the slayer xp you gained. So did you get more xp an hour than you thought, or did you just play more than you thought? Or perhaps I've just missed something here. Sorry if that sounds picky, I'm not trying to have a go at you or anything, just curious about those figures. Congrats again. I guess I could have worded that more clearly. I actually average 12k an hour, hence the 3-4 hours of playtime a day. I was trying to say I DON'T get 3k an hour, or it's not super slow. I get decent xp and just don't play much. Is there a way to multi quote on these forums? Thanks everyone :D
  4. thanks! :D That's a great old pic too! I didn't get prayer because I wanted to keep my combat kind of low. With 99 prayer I would have been 63 I think. 58 just looks cooler :P haha.
  5. I think this is where I post this. Hello tif! I figured I should post this myself and also reply to some of the flaming I've gotten on these forums. :P I do appreciate the people who have stuck up for me as well. I know some of you don't know me personally, and that means a lot. It's very nice to see. Amazingly enough, I don't spend all my time playing rs. I know that because of my history people automatically assume that I do, and there's no way that I'll ever be able to escape that stereotype. I know that most of the people who automatically say, lol nolife, just have very little concept of time, xp, and effeciency. I have been on Ellebreyals for the past year. There's a reason it took me 347 days of slaying to go from 1-99, and it's not because I only get 3k xp an hour. It's because I've only played 3-4 hours a day for past year. Some days I play more, some days less, some days not at all. If I really played 20 hours a day I would have gotten 99 at the beginning of October. If I played 15 hours a day it would have been at the end of October. 10 hours a day would have been end of November. 5 hours a day would have been March. You get the idea. It's now the end of July :P. Yes, most of my other accounts I did play more than 3-4 hours a day, but still nowhere near the hours that people think I must play. Even on Slayerbelle, which was VERY fast, going from 50-99 slayer in 3 months, I only averaged 7 hours a day. And that doesn't even mean it was the 7 hours during the middle of the day. I know a lot of people who will play from after dinner to midnight or later, and that's 6 hours or so right there. *steps off soapbox* Here's the good stuff you all want to see :P People went early on the messages twice, so I wasn't ready for the pic. The vid will be great, but my pics are passable. 347 Days spent slaying Total Tasks = 3620 Total Monsters Killed = 235621 Average Monster HP = 55.32 Total Cannonballs used = 1,191,311 Range Xp gained = 24,366,507 Range Xp per Cannonball = 20.45 Average Cannonballs per Monster = 5.05 Xp from Genies = 177,580 Xp from Penguins = 958,025 Xp from other = 9350 Xp from Soul Wars = 0 Deaths = 66 Money Spent on Cannonballs = 225,843,000 Money Spent on Runes for 99 Magic = 83,402,000 Money spent on 99 cons/House = 292,168,500 Prayer pots used = 2565 (15,724,000) Master Vannaka 42823 Harpie Bugs in 476 tasks 27647 Moss Giants in 304 tasks 26241 Ice Warriors in 290 tasks 22645 Hill Giants in 255 tasks 20684 Lesser Demons in 231 tasks 20370 Ice Giants in 227 tasks 18946 Earth Warriors in 422 tasks 15377 Ogres in 176 tasks 7288 Crocodiles in 167 tasks Master Turael 4974 Cave Slime in 149 tasks 2519 Wolves in 73 tasks 2444 Bears in 74 tasks 2013 Dogs in 66 tasks 1870 Ghosts in 55 tasks 1695 Scorpions in 51 tasks 1629 Birds in 51 tasks 1616 Skeletons in 55 tasks 1561 Minotaurs in 46 tasks 1559 Goblins in 47 tasks 1524 Cave Bugs in 49 tasks 1440 Desert Lizards in 45 tasks 1434 Bats in 44 tasks 1405 Dwarves in 43 tasks 1315 Spiders in 41 tasks 1279 Monkeys in 43 tasks 1275 Zombies in 40 tasks 1145 Cows in 38 tasks 903 Icefiends in 62 tasks Charms gathered 5137 crimson 41865 gold 5681 green 499 blue
  6. Me? Whyever would you ask me? Oh come on, that was brilliant. You know he wasn't serious :P
  7. I loled. I actually have taken my laptop into the kitchen to try to play and cook at the same time. I only tried it once; it didn't work very well. I think it mostly comes down to age and experience. I played nintendo games growing up, and so did other girls I knew. If boys can have fun playing video games, then why can't girls? I used ts in a pk clan I was in 4 years ago. It wasn't until a few months later that one of the guys told me they used to sit around and talk about how hot my voice was when I wasn't there lol. Then I recently did a voice commentary on one of my yt vids, and a lot of the comments are "you sound fat." I think most people have accepted the fact that I actually am a girl, but then I must also be extremely ugly and fat. I've gotten that comment many many times in game. "I'm a girl." "You must be fat then." "Yes I weigh 500 pounds and have 3 teeth." Stereotypes are annoying. Apparently playing a game because it's fun isn't a good enough reason.
  8. Lol, no more insane plans. I'm just going to fletch for a bit on Vill before summoning comes out, take a nice little break. Which is kind of funny because I said in the interview I didn't think I could fletch again :oops: I do have a 1 def account that is currently 67 combat and 78 slayer. I might play on her again later if I get bored on Vill. But other than that, no. I am planning on slaying more on Vill, if I can stay motivated without having more lvls to get. Not planning on going for any ranks hardcore. Just have to see what happens.
  9. I was originally planning on continuing to 15 mil slayer and keep it untrimmed, just to show it could be done. I'm not going to do that right away, however. Instead, I'm going to try to get 99 with flat 96s, which means I will most likely be very close to 97s. So I'll just stop training and leave the account sitting at 99 slayer with 96s. I will have some other things to do, like alching the stuff I don't drop. I'll be logging in for pics and such, but I really am not planning on using the account to train anything else. I might change my mind later, but I definitely won't ever be getting any more 99s.
  10. Hi, thanks for listening :) It's very easy to make money on a new account if you know what you're doing and have the motivation. I assume most people transfer because they don't care about the rules and are lazy. I think if you looked at my stats you'd agree I'm not lazy, and you'd notice I care about not breaking any rules, since I certainly wouldn't want to lose my account. I've told people how I did it. Other people who have tried those methods could tell you that it works. Unfortunately they aren't available anymore or won't be very shortly. You can choose not to believe it, but I know it's true, and if jagex ever looks at it they'll know it's true too. Plus, it would cheapen the goal horribly if that account didn't earn everything itself. This untrimmed slayer cape is 100% legit.
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