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  1. gratz on ur nice hp and range lvls :thumbsup: how many supplies did it take u from 80-90 range btw?
  2. awsome job on the fire cape and skills dude, yet another one of my friends has a fire cape and i dont :evil: i cant b mad at ya tho ill get mine soon...i hope
  3. our bandos trip was pretty good eh :) glad u could b part of my 5 drop day :XD:
  4. i havnt stopped slaying yet diddy, ill have to take ur advice when saving those pics next time. thanks for all the other replys everyone :D
  5. finally trimmed my str cape and could finally kill the illusive abby demons :D rate or hate sry for lack of knowing how to crop :wall:
  6. those pks and stakes are definately ftw gangster :thumbsup: maby u can help me out a bit too :wink: im 95-99-81-92 hp and kinda wanna stake more than i wanna pk, what method do u recommend? and nice pks and stakes once again
  7. looking for someone to come with me (113) and my friend (107). weve never dked before lol and lookin to get in on the fun. both of us r looking to mage and if one or two people could come that would be great. looking to make a trip on friday night USA eastern time.
  8. i went there at 79 slayer and killed some spirit warriors and rangers with no such luck, do u know if its only the mages that drop the boots of do all three? and gratz on the nice trip \
  9. guide was great for helping me defeat the knights, it was great to know their weaknesses. i brought guthans and only used 10 shark and 1 1/2 restore pots after using a super set in the beginning
  10. gotta have respect for goals like that left half is a nice start too :thumbsup:
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