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  1. nice layout, was fun to read. also, beat the hell out of my achievements in a year. :thumbup: 9.8/10
  2. i ignore most of the skills... its hard enough to have fun in this game anymore without raising something i hate. :?
  3. viewtopic.php?f=103&t=565509
  4. i enjoyed that lol. grats on the kills, gl on more loot.
  5. i enjoyed it all thoroughly, nice job on both the kills and the editing. :thumbup:
  6. range tanks are nifty. massive damage and hard to hit if made properly. plus the distance of the range makes for easier kills on runners/mages.
  7. Found from the god letters stuff thanks bro
  8. what was that (somewhat elegantly written) quote for how the ROW works? anyone have it? help appreciated.
  9. well hello there shey. why you getting so good? keep it uppp
  10. jesus [bleep]ing christ. where did you find the will to log in everyday to do that? i hurt for you/10
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