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  1. #Collision :D | Memberlist <3: CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO VISIT OUR FORUMS! :rolleyes: [flash=250,250] On 03/19/06 at midnight, Collision was born from two other clans. From that point on we have been one clan under one banner. Ever since then, we have grown stronger in both power and friendship. Collision has progressed further than we thought we could. We have become more than just a clan, we have become a family. Where will we go in the future? As far as anyone can tell there is no limit. Collision has become a power house and shows no signs of slowing down. We are not just a clan, we are a group of people that are held together by a strong bond of friendship and brotherhood. If you seek friendship, family, weekly events and boss hunting, and of course topless guys on Tinychat, Collision is the clan for you. Even if you do not plan on joining us, please feel free to register on our forums and post a Community Introduction. We always welcome anyone and we would be glad to have you join our forum community. Intro: Must have posted an Introduction Future Applicant: 110+ F2P Cmb, Posted an Intro, 10+ Rune Sets, 10+ Team 29 Capes Full Member:112+ F2P Cmb, 5 referrals, 10 Rune sets, 6 events attended as FA [Joining Process] I. Introduction You must post an introduction, you can do that here.Your Introduction must be up and posted 24 hours before you submit your FA Application. After your Introduction has been posted, your forum rank will then be changed into Intro. You will then be able to see certain sections of our forum. II. Future Applicant After you have posted your Introduction for 24 hours, you have a maximum of 3 Days to post your "Future Application". Failure to do so will result in your forum rank being changed back to "Registered User". Your application will be reviewed and a mentor will be assigned to you. A Mentor will then interview you. Once that is done, you must wait for a Council to accept you. Once accepted as a Future Applicant you are required to attend 6 official clan events within a time period. Further details are available on our forums. III. Member Should you complete the Future Applicant process, you will be allowed to post your Member Application. You will need all of the requirements as well as several referrals to pass the application process. If you are accepted, congratulations and enjoy the ride. :) Our timezone is mainly GMT/EST based, therefore our fights are made to cater both timezones. Although we are GMT/EST based, we will always welcome anyone from other timezones. We normally have about 2-3 fights during the week and a major weekend fight. This can range from either Clan wars arena to PvP Run-ins, Matched opts & Full out wars. Our clan also enjoys doing GWD, Corp trips, DK trips, Castle Wars and other fun events. Collision prides itself as one of the most active clans around with such a small memberlist. Our clan abides and follows this quote "Do not do unto others what you would not want them do unto you". We are proud to say that we are one of the few remaining "Honor" clans. Our clan relies on organization therefore we use Teamspeak 3 to keep us organized. We have a 40+ man memberlist with a combat average of 123. We are proud to be one of the most successful merged clan. We have been established for 6+ years now and counting. If you want to read more about our history Click Here ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Collision Videos Collision VS Envy 8/01/2010 Video 1 - Vid by SaM - Vid by Bobba Collision VS Solace 8/02/2010 Video 1 - Vid by SaM Video 2 - Vid by Jody Collision VS The Moon Clan 8/09/2010 Video 1- Vid by Dark Collision VS Trwf 8/11/2010 Video 1 - Vid by Dark Collision VS Brutality 8/15/2010 Video 1- Vid by Dark Collision VS Legendz 8/27/2010 Video 1 - Vid by Jody Collision vs Forsaken 9/05/2010 Video 1 - Vid by D4rk
  2. I like the redesigned website more! :)
  3. I like it all. Keep it up man.
  4. Officials from Collision and Envy set up a fight with the following Rules: Collision Starting: ~96 Options Envy Starting: ~102-105 Options No picture, confirmation please? Collision Ending: Envy Ending: We walked up with an alright pull and expected to have ~40 Envy waiting on us. This was not the case! The fight started off well for both clans. We had good transitions and decent styles while Envy had stellar binds. Thirty or so minutes in though, we stepped up our binds and made it clear who was going to win this fight. Envy fought on though, and kept it fun and respectful. Unfortunately, towards the end it evolved into a really unfortunate game of Cat and Mouse. A few bounds breaks by both clans, but nothing to get your pants in a wad about. I'd like to thank both Poison and Dragonwood for AC'ing this fight. I'm sure our officials will return the favor. Pictures: Overall? ?k3d?a Thanks for the fight Envy, looking forward to another one in the future. Superhero
  5. Collision vs Gladz [Draw] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtiC9SwNFC8&autoplay=1 Both clans battled it out today and each had their own highlights throughout the fight. The fight itself was pretty clean with both clans clashing each other's pile the whole fight. Both clans did great and we'd like to thank Gladiatorz for a very clean fight. You are always a respectable clan to fight. :thumbsup: Rules: Sunday January 23rd Start Fighting at 4:30 pm EST 60 Minute PKRI All-Styles No Corrupt No Dungeoneering Team if Crashed Boundaries are Spiders to East Tree 3 sniper cap higher pull attacks Collision in Blue Capes Onl Gladz in Green Capes Only Collision Starting: Gladiatorz Starting:117 opts Collision Ending: 87 Opts Gladiatorz Ennding: 87 Opts Highlights of the fight: ---- Thanks for the fight GladZ. Another good fight with you guys. -Superhero
  6. Looking good so far, can't wait to see the finished product. I'm going to give this a try later on.
  7. :S, I can't be of much help at this point. Good luck though.
  8. I get those in areas with a lot of slopes and hills. The wizard tower is pretty bad. Not sure what to tell you to do, but you're not the only one. :)
  9. As others have said, Karil's with Melee Protect is your best bet. Good luck.
  10. Re-Run auto graphics setup and report back to us. :)
  11. Happy birthday :D and remember to Smiiiiiiiile! :D

  12. Have a happy birthday!

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