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  1. I was already planning on quitting during the school year, but this might make me quit entirely... So disappointed. I tried to overlook the loyalty program thing, but this is too much.
  2. Um, you won't need antipoison to kill the littlest ones. Bring a few waterskins for the journey to the cave. Don't forget ropes. Don't venture too deep in the tunnel. You'll be fine.
  3. vettro


    So I'm trying to snag an aura while the discount is going on. Any suggestions?
  4. Why someone who is 58 dungeoneering is qualified to give this advice is beyond me... Anyway. As others have pointed out, penguin points and TOG is a good way to get started. The xp you receive from each dungeon grows exponentially. The other thing I would add would be to open the resource dungeons available to you as soon as possible. I would also recommend soloing some just to get a feel for things. Learn the very basics.
  5. Sorry, but honestly, most people aren't looking for this type of floor. If you are looking to train dungeoneering I suggest you check out the DGS thread, also on H&A. I will warn you though, they are quite into efficiency and fast dungeons. So they might not be for you. Worst case you could always solo.
  6. vettro

    Slayer Gear?

    I second using turmoil or piety. I started a while ago and can't believe I didn't start sooner. Especially with prayer potions being so cheap it's way worth it.
  7. It is suggested to post in the Help and Advice section of the forums for better advice. I presume a mod will move this soon for you.
  8. Wrong^ Rapier is best DPS. Maul is used for WFs and supposedly Nex (not my area of expertise). CLS is borderline useless unless you solo Bandos....a lot.
  9. I'm leaning towards the maul right now. When you say work on 81 summoning do you mean through slayer or WF? I've been doing some slayer and have some charms piled up but I'm not really patient and would be fine just doing WF for the charms. I banked 80 prayer yesterday and have started to work on that. Aside from the huge help of turmoil and SS I really just want more prayer in dungeons. I presume that 95 prayer > overloads in general?
  10. Abortion is morally wrong. Absolutely. Life from conception. Just thinking about the hundreds of millions of aborted fetuses makes me sick. George Bush and Tony Blair ought to be trialled for war crimes. Not so sure about this one. I think the president should be fairly immune to the consequences of his actions as a president, regardless of how controversial and questionable they were. Meat eating ought to be banned. Nope. All things in moderation. How about a ban on fast food restaurants? Anonymity on the internet should cease to exist. Not very applicable to me. I wouldn't say something over the internet I wouldn't say to your face. But I can see how the anonymity could free someone up too much. Animal testing should be banned. I have no problem with this honestly. I think pain in general isn't great. And I can see how animal rights activists would hate this. But honestly, don't we have bigger issues? Not all people should have the same rights. This is un-American and un-Constitutional from the start. Although if you specified which rights I could be more specific. I think that there are many things Americans take for granted that they don't realize that these things are not a "right" per se. Killing in self defense is still manslaughter. So if someone is running at me without a knife I'm not going to shoot him? Excuse me? Not saving someone's life should be a criminal offense. I find it a little sad this is an issue that needs to be discussed. If someone's dying or severely hurt, you help him. Unfortunately I can see how this could be an issue. Honestly, as much as I would like to say yes, you really can't. Because then you would have all this complicated stipulations and crap to determine if you were truly in a position to help this person or if you noticed in time. A more interesting question to me would be: what if in attempting to save someone's life, you actually harm them more or kill them? I am presuming this is entirely unintentional. For example, someone is on the ground hurt, you pick them up to carry them to a hospital but they die on the way to the hospital and maybe the way you held them or treated the situation wasn't "correct". Currently this type of accidental killing is protected. But still questionable. Healthcare should be charged based on lifestyles (more applicable to the UK, as the National Health Service pays for pretty much all noncosmetic treatment) Screw healthcare. But I know what you're talking about. I think that nationalized and private healthcare providers should be able to change their fees (or even refuse someone) depending on their physical health. If you're a smoking, hamburger eating three hundred pounder, your chance of getting a heart attack is extremely likely relative to mine. So why should we pay the same premiums? It's the same way car insurance works. If you have a history of being a reckless driver, you're going to have substantially higher premiums.
  11. So I've been dunging quite a bit recently (huge thanks to DGS!). I'm going for 100 and possibly beyond. So far I have rapier, scroll of life and scroll of cleansing as my only dungeoneering rewards. I've upgraded to T6 or T7 zerker also. Sooo... what's next? I presume some order of Maul, Rigour and CCB, but honestly I don't see myself using any of those much. I do not boss hunt. My melees stats are trained solely through slayer. I enjoy ranging the occasional task also. I was thinking about chinning sometime in the semi-near future so I figured rigour would be good for that but I'm in no rush. So if someone could order those rewards in which to get first and last that would be great. I honestly have no personal preference and am 100% open to ideas. Are any of the littler rewards worth it? Second question: With 85 dungeoneering, is killing frosts going to be a legitimate money maker for me? I have extremes but no turmoil or overloads or yak. I don't know if it's going to be efficient considering I'd be fighting off tons of bots and other better equiped players. My current money making methods are pretty much nonexistant. Slayer and MTK are about it. Plus dallies and farming when I'm bored. Thanks for the help!
  12. I got my rapier yesterday! Huge thanks to DGS! Lots of people to thank. All the pro keyers who drag me around. All the people who put up with my mediocre keying. I used to hate dungeoneering until I joined and now it's my favorite skill. I haven't farmed in ages! To 100! EDIT- With a little break to mess around my rapier and get 70 rcing. :thumbsup:
  13. How can I get added to the clan on the RS clan thing?
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