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  1. (I'm assuming since you've mentioned the 50k that you'll be doing Construction, as I believe using it for smithing makes it last longer..?) Firstly, either calculate the difference between your current xp and your target xp, or set a level target (to have the game calculator do this for you). Once you have a digit, divide the number by 50,000 and you will be given a number of hammers necessary to reach that target, example: I need 847,291xp to get from Level 'X' to Level 'Y', I would do 847,921 / 50,000 = 16.95842 Clearly you would need 17 hammers to suffice for the .95842.. And a word of caution: Even if you may have 2 separate hammers in your inventory when you know one of them is not going to give the full bonus experience (EG, one item constructed requires 3% charge and you have only 2%), you will still lose the 1% and the other hammer will remain unused until you construct another item.. I hope some of this, if not all, has helped.. :)
  2. Ahh I see what you mean now, it should be labelled as Friends chat, not Clan chat.. I agree with you, it should be edited to state Friends, not Clan :)
  3. Could you provide your suggestion in a clearer manner please? And just so you know, the page itself Does provide some penguin clan chats that you can freely enter and leave: These clan chats involve people who trap any trappable penguins (inside doors, behind fences etc..) and those who frequently spot any non-trappable penguins. These locations are updated upon request and/or on regular intervals (this is certainly the case for the CC 'world60pengs', as this is the CC I use when the penguins/polar bear resets :) ) I hope this has helped :)
  4. Rare Drop Table - Runescape Wiki If you open the contents box and click on 'Additional Drops', roughly mid-way down in that table you will see the [Fire Talisman], 25-34 (Noted), as mentioned by Loff :)
  5. I agree with Sy, the task book does provide a certain method of completing them, whether you use purely Runescape's Task tab or a Task guide (Like Tip.it's :) ) Just to add, being able to access Shilo Village is quite useful for the fast transportation between Brimhaven and Shilo Village, and the quest itself is required for [Legends' Quest], [Lunar Diplomacy] and [One Small Favour]... :)
  6. I've only been cutting maples following what guides suggest would be best to cut (even Tip.it's WC guide (Y) ).. and they do seem to fill my inventory relatively quickly too. I'll give it a shot, been needing to return to SC after levelling smithing anyway :P (: Thanks for the urn confirmation btw :)
  7. My query is to whether the bonuses from a morphic hatchet, seers headband (2+) and a strong woodcutting urn would stack. Currently I am cutting Maples (I have 71 Woodcutting at this given time) and therefore the headband would give me 110xp per log. Now, if I were to use a morphic hatchet (therefore a 2x bonus for the 100% charge) this would potentially give me 220xp per log.. Would this also fill up the urn at a faster rate, or would the urn still fill at the usual xp per log (100 per maple)? Does anyone know if the above items do all contribute to a much higher experience yield? Any feedback is appreciated, Thank you :)
  8. Update: The next clue scroll I stumbled upon actually involved a co-ordinate scroll, it seems like once you whinge about something it will appear >.< I've got the 3 items now :) But thank you all for the advice and guidance you've suggested, I hope if anyone else happens upon this thread that they can find the help they're after with your posts :)
  9. Well, I'll acquire the last level I need to complete the quest and I'll proceed through it upto that point without anything.. Failing that I'll try with the meerkats, and then if that also doesn't work, I'll go with the scroll farming :P If I find out anything about this that works (or otherwise stands out) I'll make a suggestion on the quest guide or something, as I'm sure I'm not the only individual without the appropriate items :) Thanks Serpent! :)
  10. Every site I've checked claims that the Meerkat replaces the need to dig with a spade and will not trigger one of the god followers guarding another casket/scroll.. And I understand that you Need the Watch, Sext.. etc when actually digging on the exact spot, or you will not be able to retrieve the item. I know for the quest you're digging into a secret spot to continue the quest, but as far as I'm aware the same rules apply.. /: Don't co-ordinate treasure trails normally fall in the (Hard) scrolls..?
  11. I've looked ahead to the 'Defender of Varrock' quest (one more level to start it) and have seen that I require the three pieces of equipment for co-ordinate treasure trail hunting.. So far, I've not successfully stumbled upon a clue scroll requiring me to find co-ordinates and therefore haven't been able to obtain them that way.. I've tried speaking to the respective NPCs (including the Observatory Professor), in the futile attempt they might just want to give me them ( :P ), but again no luck.. I've also tried to using the crafting bench in my PoH to create one of the equipment and see if that helped, but nothing... Is there no other way of obtaining the appropriate equipment..? As I'll be completely unable to complete the quest without them.. Or, does anyone know if those resources are supplied to someone who has yet to stumble upon a co-ordinate scroll (such as myself!)? Any feedback would be Muchly appreciated, thank-you.. :)
  12. Ah okay, I'll have to pool my resources elsewhere then, aha! Thanks for the feedback guys :)
  13. Hi guys, new user to the forums here, but I'm a bit of a completionist when it comes to games and so I decided to go through each individual quest and note down the required levels to complete them all. After going through them all I then collated all the levels together and then noted all the highest minimum levels. I'm sure you'll all be aware that you do not need these to complete any of the individual quests making up EVERY quest, but by doing this I have made good use of 'Setting Level Targets' on the 'Stats' tab and have begun working towards attaining each level. Now I've only just got around to registering and thought I'd publish the levels such that it helps any of you who are interested :) (This current list is updated to include the requirements of 'A Clockwork Syringe'): Attack - 78 Strength - 78 Defence - 76 Ranged - 75 Prayer - 70 Magic - 80 Runecrafting - 61 Construction - 70 Dungeoneering - 50 Constitution - (As far as I am aware, there is no Required constitution level, althought most quests suggest having a high one, so go with whatever you're comfortable with! (: ) Agility - 70 Herblore - 65 Thieving - 74 Crafting - 70 Fletching - 70 Slayer - 65 Hunter - 65 Mining - 68 Smithing - 74 Fishing - 62 Cooking - 70 Firemaking - 71 Woodcutting - 75 Farming - 65 Summoning - 65 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This probably isn't the best layout in the world, and this list will need updating, so if anyone could provide suggestions from time to time that would be very much appreciated :) And I apologise if someone has already constructed another (and more than a likely a better!) list than this, I haven't had the time to scroll through all topics yet D: I hope this helps :)
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