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  1. add me ingame : le sadface i'll be happy to dunge with you guys when i'm online.
  2. Yeah, but I'm not sure what'll give me the most fun :P the maul, the cbow or rigour :P Oh well, gonna get em all eventually so doesn't really matter. thx for your advice everyone !
  3. maul beats out rapier but rapier beats out zs at fiends (from what ive read) you might want to list what you do in runescape to allow us to give you the best advice. e.g: working on herblore *get herblroe scroll, solo arma~ get ccb I got all of the scrolls, so those are out of the way. I mostly do slayer + dungeoneering and the occasionale gwd trip with 2 of my better friends ( zamorak/bandos/armadyl) I always loved ranging, it was my favourite skill, until ranged became obsololete because of extremely overpowered melee weapons. So should i stay melee = get maul, or go back to my old love = ccbow Oooooorrr are those shield any good ? they look sexy :D
  4. t9 berserker t7 blazer, i don't want/need higher ring tiers :P
  5. Hello guys. I just reached 200k tokens for the second time, and i'm having a hard time deciding what chaotic i'm going to take this time. I allready have a rapier and the cls, what would be the best bet for my third ? Or should i get an alternate reward ? like prayers or so. Thanks in advance
  6. Hope you come back soon, I enjoyed reading this blog :)
  7. It will be pretty hard to get a partyhat if you only skill to earn money. Your best bet is to train all your comnbat skills while slaying, dumping all the cash you earn in prayer and herblore and going PVM when (nearly)maxed.
  8. nice armor there ;) gratz Love the fact that you use so many pictures, keep up the good work.
  9. on the main page, the bar that says [home-play now-account-...] you need to hover over play now, and choose 'java options'. There it will let you pick wich java you wanna run.
  10. Okay, and purely for bosshunting ( zamorak gwd + bandos gwd, a bit of barrows here and then ), what would be the better choice for me than ?
  11. hello everyone, I am very close to hitting the 200k tokens mark, and I allready decided that I'm going to buy a chaotic long first. Now my question is, are my stats high enough to even notice the diffirence between a whip and a chaotic long, if not, what should my lvls be to really get a benefit from using a chaotic long. Thx
  12. have every ring t1 ? :P it doesn't cost that much points and it's easy to switch between rings...
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