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  1. 30-35m I believe unless its gone up
  2. In my ratings... Money is created by this: #1. Alching - Alching is probably the biggest one. Buying the supplies only moves the money around. Whatever the item alchs for, is how much more money is brought into the game. Say 1000 people are alching yew longbows, in an hour that can bring in about 900m into the game. Then you have things like adamant platebodies, green dhide bodies, etc, which bring in even more. And I'm sure more than 1000 people are alching at a time. This has been done for a long time and probably makes up most of the money that is in the game now. #2. Monster Drops - This isn't coinshare. Not many people will leave a 19k drop at God Wars on the floor, or a 40k at corp, or whatever. Some even pick up the smaller drops. It's not really possible to gauge this but I think this is pretty big. Not to mention the bots of course. #3. Statues from PvP/Revs - I put this high up only because it used to bring in a TON of money in PvP/BH worlds before the wilderness update. Hard to gauge exactly how much, but it never took money out really. If PvP/BH worlds were still around right now, this would definitely be #2. Revenants don't create a lot of money though - they don't really drop statues that much. Theres more but I think that these are the biggest. The others are kinda minor I believe. Money is taken out like this: (and note that I don't know how to rank this other than the #1 thing) #1. Making Planks - This is probably the biggest one. Especially since there are a lot of people that bot this. You bring logs + cash to the sawmill guy, he gives you a plank. An NPC took the cash out of the game. Plank Make spell takes a little less money out of the game but still a lot. Considering this is commonly botted and can be done with just a membership, I'd put this at #1. #2. Buying from shops - This means untradables, water runes, anything you can buy from a shop. And people do this for a profit by the way, but it does take some money out of the game. As for untradables, you can't really use wilderness drops as bringing back cash into the game as they won't give more money than they were worth in the shop or w/e. Unless of course its a chaotic. #3. Repairing Chaotics/Barrows/Nex Armour - A lot of people train with chaotics now or use chaotics, which means they have to repair them. Same with barrows gear or armour. Barrows is probably moreso true because whenever someone dies and loses a barrows item, it breaks to 0, and cash must leave the game to repair it. Nex armour isn't usually died with but it does degrade so it counts here. #4. Shards - Even though you can sell shards back, there will always be more shards bought in comparison to how many are sold back. So even if money is brought back into the game, more left from buying them. Logic behind this is using shards to make pouches, then trading in the pouches for shards will yield less shards. Theres a lot more that shows this as well but you get my point. #5. Tanning Hides - Can be done in F2P and is definitely botted for dragonhides in p2p. The bots alone would probably do this/ #6. Kingdom Management - 75k a day if you keep it filled with cash. Although, you can trade in construction items sometimes now I think. I still use cash personally and I know a lot of people use cash, and I think thats an elite fremmy diary reward so most people don't have that. Considering this is done by quite a few people (its profit!) I'd definitely put this up there. #7. Bank wipes - well jagex has been doing this to botters and stuff, lowering their cash pile, which takes cash out of the game. Definitely deserves a mention. Not to mention perm bans. Theres more again, but those are the major ones. Debatable: #1. Coinshare - When you CS a drop you're given a cash split but the item is thrown in the GE. Not sure how exactly it works now. The question is, is money leaving the economy faster than it is entering, or is it the other way around? With the amount of people alching and the things there are to alch, I would think that its entering faster just with alching alone. Some may say its obviously entering faster because of how much money people have these days, but staking/dicing simply just moves money to different people. I don't know how many people are botting things like hide tanning and plank making though. Think I'm gonna make a video about this and ask some more people on their thoughts about this.
  3. A lot of people blame Jagex. While some of its their fault, I think moreso the community that screwed it up.
  4. I've been lurking on some botting forums that will not be named. Apparently JMods have been going around Barrows banning anyone that is a bot. That's a first.
  5. I don't know how their current system is built, but they should work on a model that allows them to make invisible, uninteractible(?) objects within the game with the IDs of legit things, like dragons and trees. Every ID has its own models etc, overriding it would cause gamebreaking bugs or just be really hard to do. This would be much simpler. They tried this before and it broke everything in the game, lol Why? Because this means the bot owners will have a TON of work to do EVERY update. It will cause bots to break whenever they get a random. The only way they can combat it is by getting people that get randoms to log out, send the developers of the bots their username and password, what random they're in, etc. so they can do some debugging and find out all the ID's and stuff again. Then again, the bot devs also might be able to go through the ID databases, and just set up the code to different ID's etc.
  6. Make random events where the IDs of objects change every 24 hours or every update. Allot a few thousand ID's to these random events to allow this. They definitely have the ability to do this with the memory that they have.
  7. Glacors and TDs are actually about even on the effigy drops using the steel titan/SoA method. You can definitely pull about 60 glacor kills an hour and the droprate is 1/67 there
  8. EDIT: Didn't realize this is more for beginners. Oh well, won't delete the rest of this.. Steel titan basically speeds up minion killing. You rarely use any brews as it is if you flick SS and move closer/farther once on first form (whenever its attack gets delayed by 1 tick), it helps when SS flicking. On minions, I switch to storm of armadyl, which I highly recommend even for those that don't have the staff. The min damage is crazy helpful. Kill enduring first, and throw steel titan on the sapping. steel titan usually kills in 1-3 specs, and then you kill unstable with your titan. If you don't kill Enduring by the time Sapping is dead, put your titan on sapping so it doesn't kill the unstable early. You + your titan should be able to outdamage healing easy. Also, yes, Surgebox is better. Not only does it save inventory space, but you get an extra 25% damage every 5 hits, this equates to 5% more damage per hit technically. It's also technically less but its still there, but it could technically be more as well, as there is a bug - if the fifth hit makes the minions spawn, then you actually hit 100% more damage. This is actually pretty common. Also, something you should probably note, Ring of Wealth appears to change the droprate of shards from 1/10 to 1/7.5 or so, either that or I'm insanely lucky. Either way, I'd suggest it just because we're here for loot, and seers ring (i) will hardly speed up the kills. Another notable drop is the effigies, these guys have a 1/67 droprate on effigies and last time I tested the speed I could kill them, it was 52 an hour using steel titan. And yeah, I can already last an hour there without super prayers, so I don't use them as titan lasts 63 minutes anyways. I bring 4 brews, eee (I tend to use this if I'm low hp when glacytes spawn), 3 super restores (mage back to 106 asap if I brew), and 8 prayer pots. 3 Overloads as well. Gonna start bringing 3 prayer renewals in place of 4 ppots. Also bring fire runes and armadyl runes of course. This is an example of a good glacyte kill by my friend Ish at max speed, note hes pretty much an expert on killing them now. He also uses leech magic, thus why he uses super prayers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVMCelQK-rk
  9. wat Am I the only one who finds this hilarious, if true? It's not hilarious, its serious business. Jk, and yeah, I lol'd. I might borrow my friends virtus again to try it there. And Storm of Arma is by FAR the best spell to use on the Enduring Glacyte. It's incredible.
  10. More nostalgia :D Also the reason for the staff dropping so much is yes, because the quest is needed to use the spell. HOWEVER you CAN wear the staff without the quest. Another reason is because theres the boot drops there as well, which are more popular because anyone can use them and well, they're the best boots. And finally, people go there for the 1/67 effigy drop rate as well. It's good money and good effigies.
  11. Your SOL is blue. Your text is green. You're playing runescape. [hide=unspam] lol zuriels robe top was like 9m in ge at the time and completely unsellable, I sniped the penguin mask, masks crashed a few days later[/hide]
  12. I do think pking would be better off without pjing now. PJing just made it so its not easy to get ragged while with a team, and harder to get a box off (basically you and a friend box each other to tank a TB). If you're getting ragged, no one can hit them off if theres no pjing. Still, I'd rather have no pjing, but that won't fix the community. The community is still terrible and nothing will fix that. EDIT: ALL DIS UNSPAM Such a classic way to kill people. God knows how many gold farmers I killed here for rune and dlong, LOL (it was a skull trick, basically everyone 1 clicks chaos druids, so you'd get unaggro and walk around like one and they'd attack you)
  13. You say "gf" every time you kill someone.. :unsure: Whenever I'm staking I say "gf" at the end of every duel, win or lose, even if the other person is going crazy with insults and what not. It's a genuine "gf" too. I don't have any problems showing people respect (inb4 L0l respecting someone you don't know in an online game). Some people seem to think I'm mocking them when I say it though, even if I say it when they win. :mellow: people complain about modern pking WAY too much, you say people didn't 'rag' back then, but then show clips of risking all of a dds + some prayer armour vs rune risk. Look through the clip its all the same 'move noob' 'noob gtfo' 'cya' , people going to loot after your kill. I remember 07 pking and it was almost no different from pking today, abiet the pjers used dds and dbow rather than claws and korasis (but then again you had no quickprayer, and less stackable food). And again people complain about todays pking, but really you dieing and getting owned by korasis because you don't know when to eat, or you refuse to risk enough to compete with mb pkers (a maxed mage 07 set was worth around the same as a bandos set nowadays). So many things wrong in your statements. You didn't even watch my video lol. >Look through the clip its all the same 'move noob' 'noob gtfo' 'cya' Please show me where this was said. I see "move noob" but that was someone that was watching the fight, lol. Ragging is done purely to annoy the hell out of someone. It's not really ragging when people actually want to fight you, and besides that I'm using the best gear that I can as a 10 def pure. What do you expect me to risk, black (g) sets? The pjers were in much lower numbers, same with rushers... lol. Like, way less lower numbers. Nowadays you get tbed in edge after getting a rune kill, claw/korasi specced, double korasi'd, smacked with a set of veracs, barraged, or storm of arma. Not 100% of the time, but its way more often than it was in old wildy. You also get pjed mid fight a LOT now. I'm actually going to make a vid showing how many times I get rushed/pjed in a single day of pking, because its a lot. People went to loot after kills, that never changed I know. But I never found a problem with looters. Nowadays people cry if you eat on the right health with korasi. People flame for everything now, theres never any respect, not even a "gf" or anything. Besides that, I don't even think its the items that ruined pking, its the community that did. As I said, 95% of pking is now filled with flaming, going as low as tell people to kill themselves, calling them autistic [bleep]s, even seen flames about cancer and stuff. It's sickening. Nowadays people seem to troll just to be like everyone else lol. I tried pking with the Storm of Armadyl spell. I got a dh fight, and the guy teled after I tanked his claw specs, about 30 seconds into the fight. Then I got double korasi rushed about 5 times and rag ranged about 20 before saying nope, I'm not pking right now, whats the point. I tried attacking some of the people that rushed me or that were pjing, only to get pjed myself. It's like they roam in packs now. old pic, smited him out for dh helm
  14. You say "gf" every time you kill someone.. :unsure: Tbh, it's a lot better than it was now, it showed a sign of respect. I also would say gf every time I died (unless it was by pjer) Nowadays its "WOW UR SO BAD" "CYA HICK" "SLAVE" "IDIOT" etc
  15. The fact that you guys won't stop responding after being asked by a Mod Trainee to stop is ridiculous. Time to nostalgia. I just got my BT-300 IDE/SATA so I can get stuff off my old harddrive. <3
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