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  1. Congratulations! An achievement fourteen years in the making...
  2. That's hilarious that "Easter 06" is actually right there. As crazy as it sounds, my maps are actually directly from Jagex (although I and some friends labelled them). I'm an editor on the RuneScape Wiki, and a while ago we were in the process of making some maps and asked if Jagex had dungeon maps we could use. After a while they gave us (and everyone else on the fansite forums, including some Tip.It people) these, which ended up not being useful for producing maps but are totally awesome for the current purpose. Warriormonkx, I don't have a more recent version. It could be worth asking Jagex about, although honestly not that much has changed map-wise since May. I do have an account that could do Death to the Dorgeshuun though, so I could take a look at the watermill cellar and related areas.
  3. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16076024/Map%20RS.png and https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16076024/dungeon%20map.png may be useful. They're from around May 2013.
  4. http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/1mfk0d/some_interesting_graphs_of_hiscore_member_count/ This has some fairly long term data of hiscore member count. There's clearly an immediate drop after the Evolution of Combat but it's unclear what the actual cause was.
  5. At level 95, I've found that soul esswraiths and blood esswraiths both give about 0.61 points per second. Bloody skulls give about 0.65 points per second, Blood pools and Living soul give 0.6, and undead soul give 0.54. Skulls give 0.49, Jumpers give 0.46, Shifters give 0.47, Nebulas give 0.53 and Chaotic clouds give 0.51. Keep in mind this is a fairly small sample at a slightly lower level, but it should give you a good idea what the numbers are like. With a higher level, undead soul and living soul may give significantly higher points than I recorded. I'd recommend you camp soul esswraiths and take a bloody skull if you see one. If all you care about is points, undead soul and living soul probably aren't the best.
  6. @Ts_Stormrage: I completely agree that Wall Street (Goldman in particular) is corrupt, and there's no question that there's a revolving door between the Treasury Department and executive positions at major investment banks. What I don't see, however, is how any of that is relevant to RuneScape or Jagex. It's a really flimsy ad hominem to make any kind of connection between Jagex and the corruption that occurs on Wall Street. Yes, Goldman Sachs is "a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity", but it devalues your entire argument when you try to create some relation between Jagex and Goldman Sachs just because the former co-chairman sits on a non-binding advisory board for a company that owns a majority stake in Jagex. You had a good enough article as it was, but adding in information on the scandalous nature seemed like irrelevant fear-mongering.
  7. The first article was fairly interesting, but it jumps to some conclusions that may not be true. Obviously, sitting on a board for Jagex is not a full-time job -- the places on a board of a company that one of the venture capital groups buys a share in are held by various VPs the venture group. Because the groups tend to have large portfolios and a small number of VPs, each one of them will sit on a bunch of different boards of directors, perhaps drawing a salary from them. But none of them have any interaction with the actual company, so the decisions they make are far removed from anything us players see in terms of content. My personal belief is that Jagex was bought not so much for RuneScape, but for future development (and patents it holds). These investors are banking heavily on the success of Transformers, 8Realms and any other games Jagex produces. What this means is that the long-term strategic goals for RuneScape are not about growth, but about slowly increasing revenue per customer to the maximal point. This isn't quite the same as liquidation, but it looks to me like they are not interested in the long-term growth of RuneScape as a game or as a product. I'm no expert on venture capital firms, but the direction of RuneScape, as written by the board of directors, might be to increase overall revenue from RuneScape by 20% this year. They've responded to that by increasing subscription prices, creating gimmicks for membership, and most recently by creating another revenue stream within the game (Squeal of Fortune spins). I seriously doubt that the board sat down and demanded that the developers add a roulette wheel that you pay to spin, but it happened as a result of their demands for higher profit. This is alienating plenty of players, but from a revenue standpoint, it works well. (Note that this is only the plan for RuneScape: for other games, they'll be focused on long-term growth.) I know you guys at Tip.It are tired of the annoying "RuneScape is dying" traffic graphs et al., but the game is not as popular as it used to be: subscriptions are declining according to the high-scores (ignoring trial members), and the game is no longer in a growth phase. Fewer new users are signing up, which means it's a perfect time to increase prices and marketing. That's what we're seeing here, and it seems to be working. That being said, it's quite a leap to claim that Goldman Sachs is "betting for Jagex to fail", or that Goldman even has a stake in Jagex. Robert Rubin probably sits on twenty other boards: a quick BusinessWeek search turns up a long list. Goldman and Citigroup themselves seem to be unaffiliated with Insight Venture -- I can't find any records that they own a stake in the group, and the only connection seems to be that its own board of directors includes some business titans from top finance companies like GS and Citigroup. The direct connection between Insight Venture and Jagex's updates -- tenuous at best -- looks downright silly when you try to claim that Wall Street behemoths and the federal government are involved in them. If there's anyone to "blame" for this big mess, it's the Gower brothers. While Andrew, Paul and Ian aren't businessmen, they were surely aware of what would happen when they sold off their stake in Jagex to those various groups. When Jagex was self-owned, the main priority seemed to be the welfare of the game. But investors put money first and foremost, so it's no surprise that things are turning out this way. All of these petitions, people going to Insight's New York headquarters (a really stupid move, by the way), are useless. Even though the player base is firmly against this most recent update (and I'm sure a lot of the developers are too), it doesn't matter. The people making the decisions want to make money.
  8. I found the featured article very difficult to read and mostly off topic.
  9. Derivative works of art are still beaches of copyright when the original image itself is subject to copyright, unless the artist can claim his work was published under fair use, in which case there are very limiting restraints on what adaptations the artist can legally make. Musicians are forever making remixes of each other's work, but unless they seek permission first, they're not entitled to claiming ownership of that remix (hence, claiming royalties for any profits earned) unless the original artist explicitly gave their permission for the new work to be published. Failure to obtain this permission before publication results in the work either being removed, destroyed, or the ownership of the work being passed back to the original artist. "It's a work of art" is not an excuse you want to [bleep] around with over copyright laws. If RS Wiki contains copyrighted material, they have no right to claim ownership of it unless Jagex said they could use it, which they won't have done. What RS Wiki does have certain rights to is the editor-produced, original content that the site contains, in a similar--though not identical--way as Tip.It has rights over the Crew-produced, original content on the main site here. This is all true. While they certainly have the legal right to use the images that are derivative from the game they produced, they seem to be removing images copied from other sites (specifically the wiki). I guess it's against their policies, even though at last count there were 97 copied pictures yet to be deleted. Nope, they're keeping them. This is stupid.
  10. Can anyone identify this? Just north of the Dwarven Mine.
  11. It's good to see some people with some understanding of fair use/licensing here. We have been trying to make sure that no content is copied from RS Wiki to the official site, although it's difficult when people just change a few words. People are also copying images which, while legally acceptable, is the kind of thing no serious fansite would ever do. I am not worried about the official wiki usurping our position: the edits are already slowing down and their SEO is not picking up.
  12. That is extremely unfair to RSWiki. Has something been worked out between that fansite and Jagex, I wonder? Nothing has been worked out between Jagex and the existing wiki. We're really worried that they will cause problems for us, including copying our content. It's also going to cause some brand confusion because they're using the same name we've been using for six years. Not looking forward to this.
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