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  1. hello friend <3 Can one individual alter an entire clan for positive/negative? Yes Have you seen this happen , how did it happen? I alter my clan positively.
  2. This is a thread to discuss which clan has the best media. Personally, I think TPR had the best media back when they were alive. As can be seen from below, TPR had the most creative and photoshop intensive media in the clan world. Feel free to post your own/rage. Discuss.
  3. is this going to happen summer is like over?
  4. Cassandra your no honour clan cheated, son I am disappoint. Good job though RSD.
  5. are you trying to flame me or something?

  6. Hobgoblin, you died to them.

  7. Congratulations my loyal minion.
  8. Yeah that's the only reason I'm taking payments, because I'm paying for the servers.
  9. /intro Just wanted to let people know that with a few extra servers I have decided to host Teamspeak 3 servers for clans or teams (can't do Ventrilo sorry). Since I'm paying for individual servers I can't give them out for free, but I am renting them (monthly) for less than half the price you will find on Gameservers.com Assuming your clan or team needs a 50 slot server, Gameservers sell that for ~$13 per month, while I'll rent them out for $6 a month for 51 slots. If you are interested just shoot me the best way to let me know is through IRC (/query Ralph or /query Hawke) since I don't log on to Tip.It very much anymore. Once I see how many people are interested, I'll work on setting up the servers for whoever asks, I'm just posting this to see whose interested; expecting everything to be set up by March 10 since I have to pay in the latter portion of the month of February and need to see if enough people want servers to make it worth it. Thanks for reading.
  10. What clan has the most: RoT/PH/EoS What clan gets away with it the most: Tip.It no idea, RSC Solace
  11. It may help Tip.It but it won't help BK from dying. 9 years of history destroyed by one mass leave, shame. Hopefully they remove CWA entirely, gets some more member flow into real clans.
  12. Ralph

    Next #1

    TT was pretty sore when they lost the JCUP, wouldn't say they are amazingly mature. Crying about it on RSC because RSD changed their names- not going to lie I did expect more. Personally, RSD is up there with RoT, with EoS and TT fighting it out just below. Can't see EoS doing to well in the future...
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