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  1. So we massed up a handy 60 opts, led by the fashionable one eyed pirate Pkpete, and after some fun at the JBI we stepped foot into the wilderness. After hearing our future opponent this week blasphemy was fighting we thought why not and decided to watch a bit of their fight. While watching we stumbled across a player called AnneFRank, we lolled, and had a idea which was genius. Operation Blitzkrieg led by Pkpete. We had seen enough and decided to leave the fight. We hopped worlds hoping for some titans action :shock: Instead of Titans we found Team CD at rdg and with ease disposed of their shiny blue and green pixels. DDB v Collision [Draw] On the way to the bank, we were confronted by Collision! Our 20+ army of mages, rangers and swordsmen managed to kill many Collision and they decided to regroup. We searched for them and the fight continued, with DDB still having the upper hand and better styles. Many Collision warriors began to make their way to the wilderness with arrows and runes and for a short while both clans had even numbers. It was getting late for our GMT members and with it being unofficial we decided to call it a day and bank our gains. We spammed GF to Collision and walked south before switching worlds. Thanks for the fight Collision. DDB's surviving warriors at the end of our trip:
  2. Dark Dragon Breath vs Creed Inc THE RULES: -Matched Ops- -Melee / Binds - -Tree to Tree- -No Corrupt- -No DG Items- -Higher Pull Attacks- -Team If Crashed- DDB Starting: 19 (Cut to 16 to match Creed) Creed Starting: 16 Pulling more meant DDB would attack. We started strong with a quick first ko and some nice binding. The fight remained pretty close until DDB got another ko followed by some excellent tanking from our own members. We took a 2 man advantage and never looked like losing. DDB finished of the remainder of Creeds binders and used our 15% on the last few piles for a nice ending. Creed Ending: 0 DDB Ending: 10 Thanks to Creed Inc for the clean fight. You guys put up a good battle considering it was your first war. Hopefully we can fight again in the future. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5zlAalJaVc
  3. The Dark Dragon Breath community has been around for over 6 years, although the clan has closed a few times many of its members have kept in touch. We enjoyed some success in the past reaching the top 20 at our peak and having fierce rivalries with clans such as HOF, Rune Raiders and FT. Upon hearing the news of free trade and the wildernes returning, we have decided to re-open Dark Dragon Breath. We look forward to some fun fights in the future with the clans from these forums and hope to be around for a while :thumbup: Your Clan Name : Dark Dragon Breath A link to your clan's banner : A link to your clan's website/forums: http://z15.invisionfree.com/DDB_Clan/index.php?act=idx A link to your clan's runehead/memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=ddb_clan Your Clan Leaders: Pker Nick Pk, Southernz, Iswagking Your Clan Initials: DDB Your Clan's Main Focus : Warring/Pk Clan
  4. I think it really depends. If you are involved in a clan from the begining or close to the begining alot of people would like to have an influential role in that clan such as Co-Leader, High Council, Warlord, Pk Leader, Moderator. Alot of Leaders/Council/Warlords in the older clans actually started out as regular members and over time Leaders/Council left and they were chosen to fill the void. Ofcourse there are those that wish to remain members, but they usually have decorated titles to show there commitment. If you join a clan that has been going for a while most people are okay with just being a member and enjoying their time in the clan. Some people wish to have a more active role and will push for higher positions such as PK Leader, Event Co-ordinater, Application Manager and Moderator. From here they can influence the clan somewhat and there may be futher promotions down the line. Usually this is difficult to achieve in an allready established clan as there will be people ahead of you in the pecking order. :-D
  5. Do you want your clan to particiapte in the 2010 Jagex Cup? Yes I hope Dragonwood takes part If not, why not? N/A Would you consider being in an alliance for Jagex Cup wars? Hope we don't rather achieve things on our own How would you change the Jagex Cup to make it more challenging/enjoyable? (Eg. category changes, rule changes) A designated jagex cup stadium or something, where there are viewing orbs for all the fights taking place and information Prize money More updates and information on runescape homepage throughout the tournament. For example "Tonight sees the start of the jagex cup, two highly rated clans Runescape Dinasty and Violent Resolution have been drawn togethor! You can watch the action unfold from 9:00pm Gmt on world 100 clan wars arena." Trophies for the winners/runners up with a trophy cabinet in clan wars / jagex stadium An official history of it on runescape homepage.... so like Community > Clans > Jagex Cup > 2009 / 2010 / 2011 Winners/Runners up medals for the members of those clans that took part A live stream of the draw (like every other competition in the world) hahaha would generate so much traffic for them for like an hour or however long it takes and would be fun to watch. Obviously record it and put it on jagex youtube channel becuase it might get overloaded and lag for most people. Alot more promotion of the cup, jagex should be promoting alot more group activity rather than single activity
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