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  1. nothing we could of done with those numbers
  2. Gratz Jack!! but yer this place is dead
  3. Stole my name and you now make bh clans rush me on site and i dont think twr is for you, people higher than level 95 can attack you in cwa...
  4. We have been slumping for a few weeks now and we have closed due to inactivity and retirement of ranks and members. Heres the video if you care: Thank you for fighting us if you ever did.
  5. Violence hurry up and quit rs. Thanks for the feedback everyone else next time we fight it will be cleaner :)
  6. Lol a 13 man pull Gratz T0 i understand how frustrating it must have been
  7. Yesterday we had a week prep fight with TNC, we had approached them because they are quite a step up for us. We also had a war later vs Chains of Olympus but we lost that due to it mainly being our aussie unit, and most of our main callers watching fireworks. This fight however was one we were very pumped up for as we knew it would be a challenge. The rules were the following: Melee binds ranged Center bounds clan wars classic First to 50 kills (something we have never done before) No sniping (5 kills into the fight TNC started sniping so we sent one sniper too) Starting: Ending was 50 kills to UK 42 to TNC. Both clans did very well maintaining numbers and the war was great fun Thank you so much for the fight TNC hope we can do it again sometime. Video:
  8. http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1444757-cluster-of-world-57/ that?
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