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  1. Was a long run but we managed to do it. Looking forward to see if we are able to compete with top GMT clans ;)
  2. Polis113


    Congratz :thumbsup:
  3. Gratz on your feast once again, seems like VR & Eos cant handle the situation ;)
  4. Gratz CE, beating SE is not easy ;)
  5. Obvious P2P skill is obvious, gratz TT :shades:
  6. ANY TRWF MEMBERS CAUGHT BAITING OR FLAMING WILL RECEIVE A 3 DAY SUSPENSION The Rising asked us for a fight early this week and we accepted with pretty much standard rules. All stylesSpiders - Gds Rock15 SnipersNo corruptTeam for crashers As everyone knows our clans have history so everyone extra pumped to win, signups looked great for both clans and we had around 10 motivational topics posted over the course of the week by various members and leaders. When the day came we had over 50 on TS before mass even started so we knew our turnout was going to be solid. In the end we walked up with a solid 105 on TS and TR had around 94 on Vent. We started a dance and TR rushed us. As always with a fight of this magnitude the start was messy for both clans, and both clans sent snipers off the bat, something we were forced to do seeing if we had more than 99 people in a channel it would mute itself. Shortly after the lag settled down and both clans got good piles going, we mainly cleared snipers and hit eachother occasionally while Trwf shot up to 115 and TR peaked at 98. The fight was perfectly even and very enjoyable for the first 1h30, after that TR's numbers dropped and our snipers could get a grip on their pile making it easy to tank and it was just us chasing TR from one spot to another. As the timecap ended we both took ending and TR had 200+ Strong while we had around 300+ immediate. We waited around for a bit to have all our members returned and had 315+ final ending. Thanks for a great fight TR, you once more proved that you're the most enjoyable clan to fight. Edit: I hope I don't get any Clanfriend comments on the topic as both our combined(members/fas/retireds) memberlists were at 148 before the start of the fight. Trwf starting: 315 TR starting: 270 Trwf ending: 300+ TR ending: 200+ Trwf final ending: 315+
  7. We have won all fights in the tourney so far, keep it up CSF! Winning Clan: CSF Category: 30vs30 Group: 3 Ending Ops: 14 Rules: (which were hard to agree on btw) Classic CWA arena, middle boundaries NO FOG & RC ROBES (shields and gloves allowed) CL attacks / CSF defends CL blue capes, CSF yellow No corrupt, no dungeoneering items Pictures of Starting & Ending: Thanks for flamming us for being foreigners at the begging, it really pumped us up.. Due to some great tanking at the start, we managed to make a 2man lead and kept it until 17-15, where we finally took over. Don't flame and underestimate someone you have never fought before next time, please.
  8. Czecho-Slovak Forces vs Tugas Revolution Winning Clan: CSF Category: 20 vs 20 Group: 7 Ending Ops: 15 Pictures of Starting & Ending: We are sorry for having 21 at the start, our DC person who was waiting at the portal lagged and couldn't leave the portal which we didn't notice. We kicked him out of the clanchat immidietly when we found out. We can proof it with screenshots if needed. Also, we are sorry that after this small conflict you decided to leave the CE tournament, our goal wasnt to end it up this way and hopefully we can have a friendly fight in the future. Thanks for the fight TR.
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