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  1. 1. How will the return of Old Wildy and Free Trade influence your clan as a whole? we will be doing the same stuff were doing, 2 wildy wars and a pk trip a week followed by a matched opts war in clan wars. 2. How will your clan use this opportunity to make your clan any better? probably more spurs, if it is like old wild their should be 5-10 clans out at a time in not just gmt timezone but eastern as well 3. Will this amazing long waited update affect you personally in your clan? why or why not? no, i don't really care what jagex does any more 4. How will this update change the Runescape clan community as a whole? exodus will gain more members because they can bribe people to join with sara sets again, 4 clans (one of them being solar angels led by cantstopal) + DI are coming back so hopefully there will be some more activity.
  2. made 470k for the time i was their, blasted whole fight, only people from ph that stood out were geoffry/ultimair for tanking and that blinkin lvl 126 who was your only member returning in blasts
  3. have a hockey game, but if your still in your irc channel when i come back ill pm you to say grats and asking for pictures
  4. TCL & MMA are the worst for propaganda, would say dk but they admit to getting slapped by clans. I believe WL's story because they always give us clean fights
  5. Ohaider QTPie, I love your signature! :)

  6. we have people who play RS regularly because they are younger, i find when you get older you realize how repetitive this game becomes. I myself only log in for 10 minutes at a time to do farm runs. Only way i can stay on longer is if there is a clan event
  7. looked fun, the pures looked like they were having a good time
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