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  1. So we had a war set for this weekend with eternity was pretty soon for us but we managed to pull 22ppl wich we dropped to 18 since eternity had 18 for firs round so we agree on the following rules So first round 18v18 all style, well im not gonna lie eternity was the better clan today in the first round they had an amazing blast unit making easy ko during our member was trying to do good as them. Round 2 it was our fight we was pump and we had better style them them we started neck to neck till they pile speed who managed to tank for 3kills and then we never looked back and managed to beat them 13-0 Ty eternity for fight was fun looking forward to another fight like this soon :thumbsup:
  2. we did pretty good today 2kills 4death
  3. So i set up a week prep with ko and we agree on the following rules so first round 19v19 and second round 21v21 Round1 Round 2 So thank you to ko for this fight, Great job TT today we had pretty good style :thumbsup: Hop to fight ko again soon was fun respect.
  4. when does the tipit tourny start?
  5. TT had a week prep against Legendz and we was expecting a hard fight from lgz cuz they really good clan. So we came to the fight and expected lgz to outmass us but we saw them having low amount of ppl so we had chance to drop our bad tanks and keep our best tanker. So idk how to take picture of the fall in so i take screeny of the whole clan chat Good job to All TT member hopefully we can fight you guyz again soon Lgz cancel round 2 (sir dricula pmed me)
  6. So we heard Gx was pking quickly massing Starting about 90opts forgot pic Gx starting : 90opts (confirm) Ty Dc for ac favor will be return
  7. hello im the second official we want to be in TWR
  8. ty for fight gladz 6kills 0death
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