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  1. Gratz Fatality, Iterr0r is a smart guy.
  2. Question 1) - Do you need to challenge clans, or does clan leaders come to you ask for fight? For Solace and Tko i need to challlenge clans, nobody comes to me for fights :( Question 2) - Is it easy to find fight? Hell no. For TKO i try like 20 clans/teams a day and usually get rejected by all of them. For Solace it's nearly the same thing.
  3. Great topic Jack Weighing up the benefits and the drawbacks, do you think it's better to have members who log in just to war, or members who play the game regularly? It's a 50/50, because off the top of my head i can think of one benefit and 1 disavantage to both. If you got a member who only logs on for wars, later on he may actully lose intrest and leave/Retire. Now if you got members who are into the game, they may skip to skill, like dungoneering. Im pretty sure everyone has seen examples of both What do you do? Do you play the game or do you just log in for wars? I only log on for wars, simply because i don't find the game that fun and there are better things to do now-a-days. If you was a Clan Leader, would you focus on your members just coming to wars or encourage them to try new skills and to play the game more regular to get involved with the community? I would like most members to get involved with the community, because if all your members just came on for wars, your clan has NO community events at all, and some people who join love community events and they can't do them becaues all your members just log in for wars. Do you know anybody who only logs in for wars, and if so do you think it's good or bad? Why? MYself, and a few members in Tko/Solace, i don't mind i still talk to them in IRC.
  4. looked really fun, congratz Asc + DF :)
  5. i play league of legends and some other Solace does too
  6. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS #1 And grats TT, i dropped both rounds.
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