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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Soul wars cape: I have it and I don't really use it that often. Only when I know i'll be using a lot of prayer (TDs, certain slayer tasks). Also, if you're worried about being stuck on Nomad, just step behind a pillar to heal. It's that simple. Now, you've gotta be careful not to take too long or he'll reset his LP, but you should be able to handle it. I have a vid on Youtube about it (username: DeLilleD). AS Noxxx said, the ARdougne cloak is a decent alternative (especially if you have rapier). Rapier: I think it's awesome! My whip has remained almost untouched since I got it. Now, if you aren't going to use it for Slayer, it might be worth considering the 2 other chaotic weapons depending on what you plan to do in Runescape. Personally, I think it's similar to the Imbued Mobil Armies rings or the Livid Farm spells: from a time-restricted point of view, it might take longer to get than it will ever save you in time later on, but it's nice knowing that you have the best thing out there. Also, in certain situations, it's still essential to have the best equipment, like if you're being crashed at Bandos. If you think you might someday get it anyway, get it now. If you're sure you will never get it, you can do without, but you better get used to people asking you about it.
  4. It shouldn't be a problem with your stats. I'd say get it as a slay task. Here's what I do. Equip: guthans, hally, EEE, cbow + broads, rapier + ddef, (slay helm) Invent: 2 Brews, 1 Sup restore, Extreme pots, EEE, rest ppots Strategy: Range 360. Hally 180. Rest with rapier or guthans. (If you want, you can kill 180 with guthans if you run back and forth between safespot) Jad: Deflect
  5. I used to do c3 instead of c1 for the fishing exp. Is that (still) worth it?
  6. Just get a dragonstone(i); the upgrade to onyx isn't worth the cost unless you got nothing else you could use the money for. How I got my rank: * rank 1-199: just suicide betting nothing. Bring a team of 4 light dwarves, 3 goblins and 3 elves and rush the castle. Keep you cursor ready to flee if someone tries to kill you too soon with cannons. If everyone else suicides with lights, just stay in place and take the free rank (see tip), but try fighting. * rank 200-299: bring a team of 4 heavy dwarves, 3 goblins and 3 elves and just hope for suiciders while betting max. If anyone else has heavies, just attack, try to get his troops all in one place so you can cannon asap. Avoid getting cannoned yourself. After you get the reward creds you want and then some, just go back to suiciding. Buy fire runes and invest those. They cost 3 gp each and are worth 4 invest creds. You can get max 12 rank per hour and you need to be in a game for 4 minutes before you can receive any rewards. Tip: if you don't wanna miss out on rank, click on of your troops at the beginning of the game and click the rocks 10 times. That makes sure you have issued enough commands.
  7. At 1K bones per hour at POH, Dbones @ 6k ea, Forsties @ 20k ea, ashes @ 5k ea and 2M per hour (moneymaking): Dbones are best (93 hours spent training + making money), Ashes are second (94 hours total) and Frosties are worst (102 hours). Now, if anyone knows how many ashes I could do at Ecto (including getting slime), I'll have all the info I need.
  8. I want to get 95 prayer eventually. I just invested a lot in Herblore, so I just want to train it as I get money. What method should I use? - Dbones at POH - Ashes at Ecto - Ashes at POH - Frosties at POH POH: 1K bones per hour ECTO: ? If you have it, mention the amount of bones/ashes I could do per hour. That way I can calc the better option.
  9. ^ There's no compost bin at Torllheim, also only unnoted herbs can be used for compost. If he says he teled to Varrock and noticed then, I don't see how he could have passed a compost bin.
  10. To ^ : I've bought at least 170k in the last 2 days. I think the buy limit for fire runes is 25K per 4 hours = 150K max per day = 200k creds per day. I'm also not investing anything before 200 rank, since it influences how many reward creds you get for winning. Only planning on getting berz (i) and archer (i) at first.
  11. Ok, so I've decided to get my rings imbued at Mobil Armies. I'm rank 6. First of all, tell me if I got something wrong: When playing games, you get 1 or 2 rank and reward credits, if you last at least 4 minutes and issue at least 10 commands. Once you have 300 rank, you can spend these credits on imbuing rings (206K each). There is a max limit of 12 rank per hour. You also need to exchange stuff for invest creds to be able to play. Fire runes cost 3 gp and give 4 invest creds; one of the best items to use. Secondly, some questions: 1) What's the best strategy? How much time will it take to get 12 rank? 2) What items are worth getting? 3) By rank 300, how many reward creds will I have? 4) Are Fire runes the best item to exchange? 5) How much gp will it cost to get to rank 300 (assuming best item is used)? 6) What should be my betting strategy? Some answers i got in-game: 1) Suicide siege = all forces except one to castle, keep one back until minute 4 (in case someone wants to kill you at minutes 3) ==> [48 minutes for 12 rank] 2) all rings, quest kit, locator 3) depends on wages. (start off bidding minimum, until you know people won't kill you at minute 3) 4) Probably 5) 200k creds (= 150k gp in fire runes)
  12. I do. Mid is 9073. I never said you HAD to buy for 9108; just that I will buy at that price. Anyway, this is the Help forum, so not really the place for trades (Marketplace).
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