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  1. Okay, thanks guys. I don't really like camping myself, I enjoy slaying for cash. But i'm only doing it for like a day. But thanks again and i'll take all of your ideas into consideration!
  2. 99 Range, defence, and hp. 89(almost 90) attack and strength. 82 magic 79 summ ( have charms for 88) 85 herb 88 slayer Let me know if you need to know any others
  3. My friend is looking for things to camp at for money and I figured I would do it a little bit with him so he's not bored out of his mind. Now I know things like aviansies and dragons and stuff. Any other monsters that are good for money making when camped at? It's been a long time since i've played so I have forgotten a lot haha. Thanks -Bees
  4. I think I may be coming back to RS. I luckily sold all of my items(big items, not absolutely everything) and so I have my cashpile. Has anything really changed in the last 6 months that I should know about when buying armor/weapons/etc back? All I do is slay pretty much and I do some bossing aswell. If you can, please point me in the right direction if needed. Thanks, Bee :thumbsup:
  5. Ok, thanks. I really wanted to get my herb up some more anyway, that's what i was working on before i left so i'm planning on continuing!
  6. Ok thanks guys, i'll see what i can do.
  7. So, I think i'm back to rs. Should have mems tomorrow or so. I sold most of my bank before I left. Thank God. I have 74m cash and need to buy armor and stuff back. I was planning on just buying Bandos, full verac, karil top/bottom, fury, and a whip. I mostly just slay with occasional mhing in there. Anything in there I really don't need to buy, maybe spend the money on herb? Haven't played in 4-5 months so and new tips will be grateful. Thanks -Beesk
  8. [hide] [/hide]Thanks steve :smile: . Unspam: From a few days back, buying 81 herb in a few days though :thumbsup: .
  9. Hawt, you're crazy, but hot. Heard you like to bot :thumbup: I REALLY hope you were kidding about this comment. If not, we're gonna have some problems.
  10. That was you. I saw you during a couple of my dusties tasks. Grats. 9/10
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