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  1. Forums as a whole are pretty deserted now a days from discord/reddit. Farewell friend! :wub:
  2. It's not working for me either, best work around would be to enter your skill xp instead and go from there.
  3. Absolutely. I was in the first Android alpha test for OSRS and it's definitely come a long way from it's beginning. A lot of things are being made mobile friendly, and as long as they're careful with how much they allow mobile to affect the desktop version, it has a lot of potential to keep peoples interest. RS3 mobile is looking great as well, however it still has a lot of the game to be fleshed out to be mobile friendly, especially when it comes to UI.
  4. Yup, everyone starts fresh on OSRS regardless of your RS3 character. Nope, RS3 and OSRS are two separate games, as such are not affected by each other. (The only thing tied to both games are your display name and membership)
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