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  1. So i'm starting a completely new account on members fresh off tutorial island (no stats or quests done) to see what the experience is like starting from scratch on p2p and i've never been a member before. Can i get some advice on how i should start like: -skills i should start training first? -quests that would be good to do? -money making tips? I'm hoping to make enough to buy a few bonds during the 2 weeks i have so this is especially important.
  2. Don't drink and scape i guess, but guthix and actually none of the god armours are worth nearly what they used to be back in the day it definitely wouldve hurt more if it was a decade ago.
  3. That sounds pretty sweet but i guess those gambling clans never came to f2p worlds or maybe this was after my time cause i dont remember ever hearing about them. But it sounds like youve done quite well from drop parties, im hoping that my luck will continue since im starting to remember how much of a grind old school is especially compared to RS3. And that tutorial island party sounds like it wouldve been pretty interesting to say the least, wish i couldve seen that.
  4. I just started up my old school account and ive been spending alot of time at the GE trying to merch (with not alot of success...) but i almost always see some drop party being advertised and initially i ignored them since back in the day i was never really able to get anything, i think the best thing i mightve gotten was a rune scimitar or pickaxe. But this weekend i decided to try my luck out and i dont know whats changed but ive been able to score pretty big at almost every drop party ive been to. In total im pretty sure ive netted around 1.5 mil in items which includes mainly rune weapons and armor (including trimmed and god armor pieces) so im about half way to a bond now. So suffice it to say drop parties have become my main money making method at least until i get my skills up. But what have your best pickups been at drop parties?
  5. The pets definitely seem like they are the rarest, i've only been able to get 1 wolpertinger and no kegs so far while i've gotten multiples of everything else.
  6. After spending a lot of time barrel making and glass blowing and not getting anything i decided to go back to the racetrack and started getting tokens relatively consistently so i can pretty confidently say racetrack has much better frop rates for tokens.
  7. I guess i'm a week late to the party but i've just started trying out the Novtumberfest activities and so far i've only been able to get 1 beer goggles token from the racetrack activity and i've spent at least a few minutes at all of the activities available to f2p and probably at least about an hour total. So how long exactly does it take to get all of the tokens? Are the tokens given randomly? Like you can get any token from doing any activity or are they specific to one activity (ie. You can only get beer goggles tokens from the racetrack)? On a side note i can't say i'm a fan of this kind of holiday event i much prefer the old ones where you just go in do the event get the item and get on with your life. Hopefully all holiday events aren't like this nowadays...
  8. Nice that's a pretty sweet pick up. Updated for yesterday and today's scores. Funny how my main is so far having the worst luck and my backup account is getting the best stuff, not that any of that stuff would be useful to my main anyways but still...
  9. That's contrary to what i've read on other sources (official runescape forums, reddit, wikia). This was from the official forums "F2P accounts can only use their bonus XP up while DXP is active, Members can use them at any point." I just can't find anywhere that says how its actually used...
  10. Treasure trails was always something i wanted to try since i always liked trimmed armors and with CS week going on i finally got to try it out and i've been pretty surprised and happy with what i've gotten so far. So i have 3 accounts that i use, my main, a secondary account that i just created when i came back to the game, and a backup account that i pretty much never use and these are the results i've gotten with each of them: Main: 1. Random junk 2. Black (t) platelegs 3. Random junk 4. Random junk 5. Random junk 6. Random junk 7. Studded leather body (g) Secondary: 1. Random junk 2. Random junk 3. Random junk 4. Random junk 5. Amulet of magic (t) + willow composite bow (didn't notice it was composite at first and almost dumped it) 6. Random junk 7. Random junk Backup: 1. Black (h1) plateskirt 2. Random junk 3. Black (h4) platebody 4. Random junk 5. Amulet of magic (t) 6. Random junk 7. Random junk So far i have a 33% success rate on getting a trimmed item even though it's kind of ironic that i've gotten the best items on the account that i never use but i won't complain. Anyways please share what you've gotten this week too.
  11. So i just noticed while i was training that under prayer i apparently have 5213 bonus xp and i'm assuming it's related to the xp items i've been getting from treasure hunter since i've only used those items for prayer like i've always done with any xp granting items. I've tried googling and reading up on this but i'm still kinda confused on how exactly bonus xp works but from what i understand this bonus xp isn't actually part of my current xp total yet and has to be redeemed before it gets added to my actual xp, is that true? Also since i'm f2p i can't redeem this bonus xp until there is a double xp event? So basically this bonus xp will keep accumulating until i can redeem it and then it will get added to my current xp total? And one last question, how do i redeem this bonus xp when the chance arises? Will it just automatically be added to my current xp total when a double xp event happens?
  12. Thanks i didn't realize they were separate games and i figured since my account was from old school that i could still use it there too.
  13. Since i came back to the game i've been playing in RS3 but when i tried to log in today on my same account in old school runescape it had me create a new character and started me off on tutorial island. Do i pretty much have to start over now in old school runescape? If i had logged in to old school runescape originally instead of RS3 would it have kept my account as it was?
  14. Sorry mods i just had to bump this seeing that Jagex actually implemented my idea (i really wonder if they actually saw it here).
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