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  1. I just sold my santa that I've had for nearly 3 years, so I now have 40m cash banked which I have no purpose for at the moment. I already have everything else I can imagine me ever needing. Does anybody have any ideas of what to spend it on? Powerleveling a skill that'll be profitable up high? Investing in GE? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks Mini193 edit: If there are any skills that I should powerlevel with my money that may not necessarily be profitable but are just good to have, I'm happy with those suggestions too. Stats are in signature.
  2. Good point, I'm selling it now. The question is should I sell it at market price, max market, or minimum. I'm trying world 2 to see what I can get for now
  3. I know santas have always rose rapidly before christmas, then plummeted shortly after. I was hoping to sell mine right before they drop, but I'm worried because its just days before christmas and they already dropped 200k today. Should I sell now in case they drop more in the next 2 or 3 days, or should I wait and see? Thanks mini
  4. there is just so much to do and its so hard to get around at this level with nothing unlocked. Ill probably train combat and do quests along with it, and skills occasionally until i get like 50 cb, then skills more
  5. I got banned a year ago and just made a new account. He is level 8 and has members, i just need advice for getting started again. I know most things about the game, but there is just so much to do and i dont know what is best to start with. Should i just get combat up to a decent level so i can do more things or just go out into members places right away? All i really want to know is how should i start again, just what to do first and what is important to do thanks epic
  6. yeah, i got temp banned from it just because nobody believed me
  7. I am back, lvl 3 sk111a is my new account. I know, he isnt level 3 anymore because i got bored of skills. This is just to the people in chat in game that didnt believe me that i had a level 93 and got banned, not just some random person that just started playing because he forgot where the best spot for cows was.
  8. What is the most pathetic way a person has tried to scam you? I know this is an old topic, and I have stopped playing RS since June, but I just got a reason to write this. My sister's ex-boyfriend tried to pass scam me over the phone lol. He said he knew somebody who worked for runescape and could get me unbanned. First of all, they wouldn't need pass, second, I really didn't care. I don't see the good of the try though, last chance appeal denied, no messages accepted, only reason he didn't get the pass is because it is my main pass for like 4 other things. So what is the most pathetic scam attempt you've seen. Mine I think was extremely pathetic, my sister said he called and wanted to buy my stuff for real life $$$, i told him i was banned, then he tried the scam lol. He didn't even know I had a santa, I think last time he saw what I had i was in the 80's with full guthans and a whip, thats it. post away
  9. they hate me because they don't even respond to my last chance appeals while unfairly banned. They have really really sucky CS compared to WoW which i play now, around 10-20 min then you get in game chat support with a GM
  10. i used primarily d scim and whip before i was banned, but i also bought a d long for my dragon collection and its a nice wep. IMO it hits better than scim, i just liked scim more for some reason
  11. Yeah, runescape has runes and wow has mana. :x lol yeah, but in the next expansion they are making a new class that uses runes :shock: I might not do it, like somebody said, they can't be compared, one is online and free other is disk or download and you'll always have a better game that requires disks.
  12. I'm just trying to settle the argument so people know they are both great games. Some people can't afford WoW's $15 a month or just like RS better. Both are great games and i'm tired of people making one seem gay and the other amazing.
  13. Hi, I;m mini193. Some older members may remember be from back before I was unfairly banned in June. I play world of warcraft now. Its not a perfect game, but is still good. I'm sure you've all seen those YouTube videos RS vs. WoW making it like a level 3 attacking a goblin and a level 70 40 man raid for the WoW side. I've decided to make a fair one. Since I was banned, I have no access to high level runescape content anymore. I'll give mid level WoW things, and I'll need everybody else's help with barrows, KQ, dueling, pking, castlewars, and anything else. You can send the videos to me or somebody else willing to make the video as I have not made many good videos. Put a video on YouTube, link it, I'll watch it and maybe include it in my video. Remember, this will be fair so no private servers or 126's in full veracs solo owning KQ, but the more average player's experience. I currently am just setting this up and have no final plans so I'm open to other people wishing to help or people with better ideas Thanks mini193 and also, it is related to RS so I couldn't put in off topic, but it may be a little too off topic because of WoW for this forum
  14. i agree, I play world of warcraft now and there are eneimies that take 40 people to stand a chance
  15. i assume thats fast? 10 MBPS download? did it again and i got a lower speed. weird and for my town Comcast is 800 kbs faster than optimum in download which i have, but like 1000 slower in upload
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