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  1. I love you for keeping my 4 year old thread alive.
  2. That sucks!! I was hoping to check back on some early stuff.
  3. You can do that now??? Where have I been?
  4. Is there a way to check out old posts I've made? The "posts" tab in my profile only lists recent ones. I wanna look back.
  5. In fact, I find it surprizing that out of all the people here you remember me. I guess I'm just cool like that. Your name definitely seems familiar. I remember you.
  6. Holy [cabbage] Napalm_Death you're still here. I haven't visited TIF for a while just thought I would hop on. No problem if no one recognizes me tho. :)
  7. I've never had a guitar hero game before, only played at my friends house. It's not especially hard, but I'm kinda new so it ishard to change the tabs in quick recessions and stuff that's required for extreme. I'm not implying that it's outstandly hard from the other guitar heros, just saying that it compares to them, there is no, or very little dumbing down.
  8. My game came! My DS game library. :P All the stuff that's in. I had a Visa giftcard that I got for Christmas so I decided to get this off of Amazon. It's a really awesome game, worth to pay money for! As you can see I got the decades one (2nd) for $37 but there's a sale now and you can get the first game with all the stuff at $30! That's a really good deal considering what you get, and also if you have a flashcart you should be able to get one of the guitar hero's and acquire the other. So for $30 you get: - Guitar Hero On Tour with the grip and all, -The ability to play Decades and all the future games if they ever come out with more (DSi makes it problematic). I bought On Tour decades because the first game wasn't on sale then. Here's the link for 'em: http://www.amazon.com/Guitar-Hero-Tour- ... 949&sr=8-1 It's a really nice package overall and easily worth your 30 (or in my case 37) dollars. That's about the price of a crappy Madcatz guitar for the console. There's no issue with the difficulty of the game, anything above medium is frantic as hell, and extreme takes my lunch and shoves it up.
  9. Sorry guys for the lack of updates, I've been too caught up in real life to even get to turn the computer on. I had to take the Pearl pad back because the glue came up under the rubbery part. So much for the fancy branding... Thankfully they've replaced it so it's been awesome. I've got lecture tomorrow so I'm psyched. ;)
  10. I bought that Pearl pad I posted in the first message. I actually looked around for some Vic Firth pads but the store didn't seem to have any (we're talking Eastern-Europe here). As for going cheaper, I saw ones for around half the price but they looked bad quality and too bouncy. (My tutor especially pointed out that most rubber pads bounce the stick back too much and will mess you up when you try to play on real drums) I'll be using these for a long anyway, I'm 16 so dropping upwards from half a grand on a set is not an option. Right now I'm just doing 4's to 16's with both hands in a row at 60BPM starting with 4, then 8 and 16. Also triplets. Starting with both hands and going like RRL,LRR,LLR,RLL etc. My left hand needs some control as well. Thanks for the links and stuff, will look into that.
  11. I think the stand will come in handy, so I won't have to fiddle around with tables trying to find a suitable position for the pad. My teacher said that there are pads for less but this one is the closest he's seen to regular drums regarding rebound and feel.
  12. I was always interested in drumming and rythm, so I finally decided to take lessons. For now I'm going once a week to learn the basics. I've been two times so far and it's been cool. :) Already got my sticks (Big Stick 5A's), metronome (DB-30) I don't unfortunately know anyone with a set nor have the means to be able to play on one at home so my tutor recommended me these for practicing. http://www.pearleurope.com/mediafiles/i ... sd-50h.jpg (Pearl SD-50) Any word on this? Do any of you have one of these? They're about 60 bucks btw. Anyways, the point of this thread is to share you advice/experience, etc. Any of you drumming? How long have you been at it? What gear do you own? Do you have any tips for a beginner? Thanks!
  13. Moon is still effin awesome. I'm up to chapter 7 atm. Man, that Sanctus Vector boss took a while to beat.
  14. This games is AWESOME. I completed the first two missions so far and did not notice time passing by. The graphics and the overall enviroment really draws you in, just try playing it with headphones in a quiet enviroment and it will prove to be a very immersive experience. The cutscenes are great, the weapons are fun to use. The voice over leaves something to be desired, but I'm personally happy it's even there when it comes to a DS game. :) As the IGN review stated, this is more of a Metroid game than Metroid Prime Hunters was. I don't know about the Prime series on the Gamecube, I haven't played them, but if you've played Zero Mission or Fusion on the GBA and enjoyed it, this game will be right up your alley. Oh, and I the boxart. [hide=] [/hide] This is the first DS game I'm contempleting to actually pick up a copy of.
  15. Guys, Moon is out! IGN written review: http://ds.ign.com/articles/943/943581p1.html Video Review: Re9XrsNZ1qM Better quality: http://ds.ign.com/dor/objects/14215698/ ... 10909.html Any of you had a chance to play it yet?
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