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  1. I found this topic when i googled PkZzZ pk video and just for that, im gona reupload it since my old links dosent work anymore :) If someone is intressted. Thanks all. Edit: Youtube link is coming soon!
  2. It moset have been atleast a week or more if you have seen me pking, because I dont play this game anymore if you didn't knew :boohoo: Anyhow thanks for all comments. But I would like to get some more.
  3. Whermacht...Are you sad..?? You are just funny and probably don't know so much about pking. In higher combat if you fight armor on it take AGES to get a kill, especially if they are safing etc. So why not make it more interesting and fight armor off, so you get a chanse to KO... -.-
  4. Asw usual so manny have watched this vid but just as usual there are just a few comments! Comment comment!!!
  5. Thanks alot Vortex u have always liked my videos, probably my biggest fan :) Good friend too :P
  6. Lol yes ofcourse. Tactic, he hit him all the time because he was higher attack level then me = he would hit better. Then when he couldn't attack him anymore I attacked him insted and finnished him..
  7. Hello! First I wan't to thank everyone for those nice comments I've got, I'd really appreciate them all =D> And for the question I trained at flesh crawlers to str 93 then I got member. I pced like around 300points, the rest I trained at flesh crawlers in members too. In members flesh crawlers can make you pretty rich same time as you train att/def/str/hp. Hope that help you. Good luck
  8. PkZzZ PK VIDEO NUMBER 4 (Thread updated 2/2-2012) ------------------------------------------------------------ INTRO This is my last video ever, I've quitt runescape because of all the non honor pkers who is out there and making this game verry boring... Anyhow the last minute off the vid contains HIGHEST KO's in F2P. ------------------------------------------------------------ STATS: Attack 74 Def 40 Str 99 Pray 31 Hp 87 Level: 91 ------------------------------------------------------------ LINK to PkZzZ 4th and last pk vid: https://rapidshare.com/#!download|846tl3|157306448|Pkzzz_pk_vid_4_0001.wmv|102378|R~0|0|0|RapidPro ------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTIONS: Do I tele? No, I have never ever tele from wildy before. To prove this check my magic level (20). Do I safe? Im trying my best not to safe, sometimes when people is close to KO me, like hitting 20-16-16 and I got low hp left I can eat one lobby that's more then necessary. Sometimes it's easy to safe by mistake when you pk in world 3 because of some mad lagg! Not by meaning! Do I run? Yes, I run from fights sometimes when my food is out, who dosen't? But a few times when im on low food and in wildy 10+ I don't run, I find it better to stay and fight insted of getting KOed in the back .. Note: I DO NEVER RUN FROM DM's Do I respect people I fight? Offcourse, I always say gf to people after our fight. And i do never lure anyone, or lie about my STR lvl. Is this all my kills? No, if i would add all my kills this vid would be like 20min ... And some weren't caughted on vid. Why F2P? Well, member pking is really not my thing, I'm to much used to f2p! And one more thing, there aren't to many well known F2P pkers or good videos. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks! //PkZzZ
  9. It's really nice to se some people fight to get RSC back, it really is. Now there arent to many people on rs2 who know anything about runescape classic. They don't know what they have missed, but they are happy. I would like to F**K jagex because they have forgotten RSC. But we all should know that it was we who made Runescape into what it is today - A [cabbage] GAME (compared to classic). We helped Jagex to become a sucha big game. And what do we get for it? Nothing... They are just greedy.. ..This is what I've felt..
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