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  1. I have 362 iron ore, looking for 110ea, or 35k for all. Or full mith with scim or b axe and a mith pick. PM me, geekoverlord :)
  2. Okay cool thanks. I have a lot to do lol.
  3. So I haven't played in probably a year and a half, the combat update was in the beginning of Beta. I basically need a recap. I understand the way combat works, so I'm good there, but as far as what items are killer now vs what got nerfed I'm clueless. I'm melee based, all high 80's and 99 def. What do I need to know? Please and thank you!
  4. I totally miss when a river troll would bash a bot to pieces and let all the hungry low leveled players take the sharks or whatever he was fishing and sell em haha.
  5. Right? I remember having to stand around sometimes for hours trying to buy/sell something. AWFUL.
  6. You friend, are my hero. Not often I see a fellow AVA fan.
  7. "This is weird, I fight monsters a lot in RuneScape, and have never experienced a problem with bots. But let me ask, how do you know they're bots and not just some people with chat off? " When they're level 115+ in D legs and a Granite body, they're bots. I mean, there's the chance they're just high leveled players with awful armor taste, but i'm leaning towards the bots.
  8. What is the quickest way to train range from level 60 to 70?
  9. Is there anyway I can get the pages out of them? I bought them awhile ago when the price was down, and I'm hoping theres a way I can score those things to sell.
  10. geekoverlord


    I just liked the way they looked before. Haha.
  11. geekoverlord


    I dont know when they made the trolls look like rock, but it's dumb. That is not a troll. That is a golem of some sort. I am dissapointed:(
  12. Just wondering if Torags is still like, the top armour for defense?
  13. geekoverlord

    Lost 250m.

    Yeah, I just recovered my account. It was really simple. Gave a few old passwords and an approximate date of when the account was created and I was pretty much let back in around 10 minutes later. Glad I got it, but jeesh was it easy O.o Wouldnt be suprised if people found a way to fake recover accounts somehow. Like, type random crap info and wait til they can change a password. But Im also not tech savvey, that may be impossible! XD
  14. theres no "active agreements." when I try to cancel the membership, must have used a card. Can anyone confirm that?
  15. Should I go in an cancel the members subscription that they left me with, or wait for it to run out? I dont want whoever hacked me to have any say over the future of the account, or if they could somehow reaquire it.
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