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  1. Thanks, I am soon doing a 80 dungeoneering video :)
  2. haha, thanks guys... by the way, i am from england, however I come from out side of london :)
  3. Zyzz

    Lost 250m.

    yeah, i have my account back now and have made about 15m back, i am also trying to get 80 dungeoneering so that i am able to kill frost dragons and get heaps of gold :) my dungeoneering level is currently 60. I too think jagex should have a major security update. Also i dont know how my account was hacked, my account was incredibly secure and with a maximum character password of which contained scrambled up letters and numbers, plus i have never told or have given even hints about what my password was. nor have i done any rwting of any kind.
  4. A lot of the P mods now days are normally those that are highly ranked on the hiscores.
  5. Wow, amazing guide you have there mate, entertaining whilst educational towards runescape... good work :thumbsup:
  6. Amazing guide, thank you so much for doing this, it will help me a lot :)
  7. Zyzz

    Lost 250m.

    Thanks ring world, and yeah saradomin mage, however i was on the phone 3 or 4 times and each time lasted about 2-3 hours.
  8. I guess he does just to take the pee, haha
  9. Zyzz

    Lost 250m.

    Got hacked and lost 250m, however that doesn't mean i'm quitting. I Just want to say one thing however. Jagex needs to sort out the recovery system, I had put in all the correct information and afterwards it said the info was correct apart from the membership details of which was on my account (The hacker had put it on it) I did get my account back by calling Jagex after the 5th attempt of recovery.
  10. Hey guys, this is an old vid i've created about me completing the Nomads quest (Full fight). This video has commentary... i will be making a heap loads more now that I play runescape again :P My youtube channel = RSlordmatty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF4NBL3FKFQ Thanks Guys!
  11. Nice guide man, i can see you put a lot into it xD
  12. Zyzz


    Today; I've just got back from a football (soccer for all you awesome americans haha) match in Germany. Just in-case you wanted to know we won the cup with a 5-3 win. :) PS: I'm not a perfessional player, however I do play for a city under 19s
  13. Wow, just wow :P you must be proud of yourself, congratulations :) i admire you :)
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