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  1. Well, your right, except for he asked someone to make him one. If he'd like the code explained, I have no problem doing that.
  2. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=688625 ;) should do what you are in need of. keep in mind that it's gotta be on a server with php enabled or locally if you've got PHP installed (there's virtual programs to do it)
  3. It is possible to have an image or more, which is the default template for the sigs. Then the content is displayed by adding a ?user=whatever into the link. So say for instance, i've got image.png. It displays a blank template of the image, no stats. Now lets say i add ?user=whatever to the link. I've got image.png?user=whatever. Now what if we want 3 basic templates for sigs? image.png?t=1&user=whatever where 't' stands for template. That idea cuts down on bandwidth usage because it's using just blank image(s) as a template and adding information. *shrugs* @devoted: i saw that just before i was getting ready to post; didn't want to make a duplicate thread for something :P, thanks for that though
  4. Hmm, true. I guess I didn't really think about bandwidth issues. btw, the RSN links in the mini-profile are broken for me, guess i better go report that.
  5. Well to be honest, most php files are created to be run on servers, not local computers :P edit: with regards to Doughnuts post.. I've removed the download link and am just supplying the code. i realized it's easier to just display the code with a hide tag rather than putting it up as a zip.
  6. I just got bored and created a stat parser for runescape. This displays all user stats over level 30. Example Screenshot: (Click to Enlarge) [hide=Click to view code] <?php ############################## #RSParse created by Uzegonemad2 #Do whatever you want with this baby, just please #leave the original copyright in place ############################## $username = $_GET['user']; $skillName = array("Total", "Attack", "Defense", "Strength", "Hitpoints", "Ranging", "Prayer", "Magic", "Cooking", "Woodcutting", "Fletching", "Fishing", "Firemaking", "Crafting", "Smithing", "Mining", "Herblore", "Agility", "Thieving", "Slayer", "Farming", "Runecraft", "Hunting", "Construction"); if($username == ''|| !isset($username)) { echo 'please enter a username. syntax: filename.php?user=username'; } else { $getData = "http://hiscore.runescape.com/index_lite.ws?player=".$username; $data = file_get_contents($getData); $skill = explode("\n",$data); ?> </pre><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="6">NameRankLevelXP".$skillName[$x]."---".$skillName[$x]."".$skillRank."".$skillDivided[1]."".number_format($skillDivided[2])."</table>";<br><br>}<br><br[/hide] edit: removed the download link and posted the actual code.
  7. Hi, I was looking at some posts and saw some people with dynamic sigs for their runescape stats. I was wondering what everybodys opinions/suggestions/comments/ideas are about Tip.it having runescape sigs for forums. Depending on what kind of feedback this thread gets, maybe we'll get our own special Tip.it sigs :D
  8. I love 'em. My boss ordered the 24" the other day. One thing I'd like to point out though. Prices on refurb models are dropping (about $200 down today from yesterday). The new macbooks should be released right before leopard which will make the refurb models even cheaper. If you're looking to buy a mac, and don't necessarily need the "newest and greatest", check out the refurb models (apple.com > store > bottom of page "special deals") and you could save a ton of money.
  9. Here's the U's. I'd also like to point something out regarding the first post in this thread.. If you use firefox, you don't have to view the actual image to get its size correct, you can just right click > save image from the item details. [hide=Oh Noes] Ugthanki and onion http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Ugthanki_and_onion.gif Ugthanki and tomato http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Ugthanki_and_tomato.gif Ugthanki dung -1- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Ugthanki_dung_-1-.gif Ugthanki dung -2- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Ugthanki_dung_-2-.gif Ugthanki meat http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Ugthanki_meat.gif Unblessed symbol http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unblessed_symbol.gif Uncooked berry pie http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncooked_berry_pie.gif Uncooked cake http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncooked_cake.gif Uncooked curry http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncooked_curry.gif Uncooked egg http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncooked_egg.gif Uncooked meat pie http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncooked_meat_pie.gif Uncooked pizza http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncooked_pizza.gif Uncooked stew http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncooked_stew.gif Uncut diamond http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncut_diamond.gif Uncut dragonstone http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncut_dragonstone.gif Uncut emerald http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncut_emerald.gif Uncut jade http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncut_jade.gif Uncut onyx http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncut_onyx.gif Uncut opal http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncut_opal.gif Uncut red topaz http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncut_red_topaz.gif Uncut ruby http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncut_ruby.gif Uncut saphhire http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Uncut_sapphire.gif Undead cow ribs -2- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Undead_cow_ribs_-2-.gif Unfermented wine http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfermented_wine.gif Unfinished batta -1- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinished_batta-1-.gif Unfinished batta -2- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinished_batta-2-.gif Unfinished batta -5- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinished_batta-5-.gif Unfinished batta http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinished_batta.gif Unfinished batta -4- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinis ... ta_-4-.gif Unfinished bowl -3- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinished_bowl-3-.gif Unfinished bowl -4- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinished_bowl-4-.gif Unfinished bowl http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinished_bowl.gif Unfinished cocktail http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinished_cocktail.gif Unfinished crunchy -1- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinis ... hie-1-.gif Unfinished crunchy -2- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinis ... chy-2-.gif Unfinished crunchy -3- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinis ... chy-3-.gif Unfinished crunchy -4- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinis ... chy-4-.gif Unfinished potion http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfinished_potion.gif Unfired plant pot http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfired_Plant_pot.gif Unfired bowl http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfired_bowl.gif Unfired pie dish http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfired_pie_dish.gif Unfired pot lid http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unfired_pot_lid.gif Unholy book http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unholy_book.gif Unholy mould http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unholy_mould.gif Unholy symbol -1- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unholy_symbol_-1-.gif Unholy symbol -2- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unholy_symbol_-2-.gif Unicorn bone -2- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unicorn_bone_-2-.gif Unicorn horn -1- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unicorn_horn_-1-.gif Unicorn horn -2- http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unicorn_horn_-2-.gif Unicorn horn dust http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unicorn_horn_dust.gif Unidentified liquid http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unidentified_liquid.gif Unknown print http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unknown_print.gif Unlit bug lantern http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unlit_bug_lantern.gif Unpowered orb http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unpowered_orb.gif Unpowered symbol http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unpowered_symbol.gif Unsanitary swill http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unsanitary_swill.gif Unstamped letter http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unstamped_letter.gif Unstrung comp bow http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unstrung_comp_bow.gif Unstrung emblem http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unstrung_emblem.gif Unstrung lyre http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unstrung_lyre.gif Unstrung symbol http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unstrung_symbol.gif Unusual armour http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unusual_armour.gif Unusual fish http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Unusual_fish.gif Used folder http://www.a6xstudios.com/tipit/Used_folder.gif [/hide] wow. just as a note, i couldn't update some of the images because the database wasn't grabbing the image link when it displayed the item's page.
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