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  1. Norman your HAWT!!! (disclaimer: and so is everyone else I know ) Here's mine.
  2. I have to admit I have not read your article, just the quoted bits in this thread and the opinions of the posters. In regards to your above statement, I do feel Jagex is responsible for target marketing here. At my children's primary school they get Scholistic book orders and one of the books on the list was for the Official Runescape Beginners guide. I have two children 9 and 6 and there is no way I would let them play Runescape before they are 13. As an adult player I know what goes on in the game. A lot of my reasoning behind this is because Runescape is a online game where they interact with other human beings. Yes they can have chat off, but that can easily be switched on. And a lot about playing a MMPORPG is about the interaction with other players to get the full benefits out of the game. For now they just stick to playing xbox games suitable for their age. My two actively watch myself and my partner playing our games, to them it is like watching a movie, except mummy is the character fighting the dragons. At the start of this year a friend's son started playing Runescape, he was 8 and had already played WOW. He got in contact with us in game and constantly nagged for stuff, asked how to make money, what to do. I don't mind helping. I do mind being nagged at. We had words with his parents and they banned him from playing till he is older. They also explained to him why. The logic of the whole game was a little bit too beyond him. He wanted what he wanted now and couldn't work for it.
  3. Hey there, Don't mean to be picky, but for ease of use and finding locations, I feel that all screenshots should be taken with North at the top. I've submitted a new one for 00.00N 07.13W
  4. This co-ordy picture is wrong. The guy in the pic is standing at 08.05South 14.56East and not 08.05South 15.56east As demonstrated in my pic, with the cordys in the chat area.
  5. Okies pokey..here is my edited version. I've kept the guys orginal wording, as before, and my edited bits are in red. So you can decide which is better information. This is the first bit. Click in the alcove marked by the yellow X and circled by red. Then go just after it turns around. Edited: Standing in the safe spot opposite the entry door, wait for the elemental to head south. As soon as the elemental has gone past the safe spot as marked by the yellow X in the picture, run to the safe spot. Make sure the elemental is like in the picture going to the alcove area, or you may get caught. You do not need to run! Some people do this. It might even get you caught by making you go in front of the Elemental! Edited by Kiwi Pearls: Cautionary: Make sure the elemental is past the safe spot, else if you have run on, you may overtake it and get caught. Kiwi_Pearls notes to pokey: I found it ok to run and had no problems, which is why I added that run thing as a cautionary to make people aware. Make sure the elemental is going in the direction of the yellow arrow, and is past the alcove. Then walk to the next X. Edited by Kiwi Pearls:Make sure the elemental is heading north. Once the elemental has gone past you, run to the next safe spot as indicated by an X in the picture. You're about halfway! (and you just started.. Short eh?) This is probably the trickiest one, because you absolutely have to Use the minimap, and if you try to do something else, sometimes you're in the middle instead of the alcoves. Edited by Kiwi Pearls : Make sure you position your camera angle so that you can click on the next safe spot as indicted by the X in the picture. You have to wait for the the Northern most elemental to start walking North again, all the while watching the two elementals next to you. As long as they are east of your position and not facing you, you can run to the next safe spot Kiwi Pearls does not think this statement is nesscary in the guide --->Sometimes you will get caught, this is because after a while, the Elementals stop bumping each other(It might be bumping paths.. I dunno), which makes them turn around instantly, so you might have some difficulty there. Just like 2, Make sure the elemental is going in the direction of the yellow arrow, and is past the alcove. Then walk OR run(I personally run) to the next X. Won't get you caught if you walk. Edited by Kiwi Pearls: Make sure that the Elemental is moving south past your position. Run to the next X as indicated in the picture. Home stretch! Make sure that either it is like the pic or, the top one is going north while the other east. Click green to go to the herbs, Red for sq'irk tree. Edited by Kiwi Pearls : From the safe spot to get to the Squirks, as indicated by red in the picture, make sure the Elemental has turned right next to you to head East, otherwise if you are running you will overtake him and get caught. Haven't done the notes yet for the herbs.
  6. Yes they do need to lighten up. I guess that comes with age? With the share diverseness of age in regard to players in Runescape it clearly shows that a well thought out and humorous article such as Scaredy Cat's went way over the top of some younger peoples heads. But at least Tip.it times recognises this and writes articles for all the demographics.
  7. I think your high level player arrogance has gone to your head. This was not intended as a guide or a how to article but purely one players experience in the game. And what is there to say that this player was a low level...as you call it noob? There are a lot of high level players who prefer to play the game and not trade. Each to their own in this game I say. And calling a player a noob is like calling the kettle black. We were all there at one stage, and some are still there even at the high levels. What may seem simple and easy to some, may be harder to others. And being accepting of peoples differences/ages in a game like Runescape makes a persona a better player of the game. There is nothing wrong with intellectual diversity in the tip.it times and I applaud Tip it for keeping things interesting and different by giving other players the chance to share their experiences.
  8. Yes I noticed that too. I thought I was in the wrong place for a second.
  9. Hope this is the right forum. While trying to find information about adding gems to bolts, I found that the fletching skill guide could provide a link to bolt enchanting. Here is the direct link to bolt enchantment http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=magic_guide.htm#enchants
  10. LOL trust Vladdie to get the gay black man ad..hehehe I haven't seen any green ads. But I have ad blockers pop up blockers etc. i just have the standared banner advertisement up the top from google. My ads are all about Balls at the moment...Golf Balls...Order your Balls now...LOL
  11. Why does everything on all these forums seem to turn into a slagging contest when someone posts an opinion. No wonder I stick to my other forum. My suggestion was for the TIF crew/administrators. Not for the general public. Not for anyone to slag off my profession. Which I have made a career out of for the last 15 years. But i guess it's the "mine is bigger than your's" mentality. Off course the unlimited bandwidth is limited to the data capacity of the line. I am referring to the cost of the bandwidth and that there is no additional charges for the user. It is the same with broadband. Many ISP's offer unlimited bandwidth as fast as your line allows and offer a set price for that (no additional charges and no reduction in speed). I am referring to the traffic bandwidth and not the speed. And if you shop around, there are many web hosters that allow for unlimited traffic and are not at all inexpensive. But that is not the issue here. I've explained this in layman terms as possible, that it is just an improvement of the watched topic email alert we already get delivered to our email box. If any of the administrators are reading this they can see my suggestion which I will be re-posting in another forum. The phpbb that they already use (I think I've stated this) for the forum side of TIP, which is a separate opensource program that they use in conjunction with their main site, which may well be coded just by TIP, is exactly like te mod for Mail2Forum, which is all ready written and coded, just like the phpbb forum they already utilise, and it is ready to install and would take an admin less than 5 minutes. I've already stated, to test the functionality of this mod, they could test it on just one forum. For example they may like to test it on their admin forum.
  12. Well I don't know where you get your information from. But here in New Zealand webhosting with unlimited bandwidth/traffic is fairly cheap compared to the packages that charge per MB over that. England must charge outrageously. Like I said in my post, I don't know what TIF/TIP hosting plan is, and they may have one like this, or they may have one that they never reach their traffic quota. In cases where traffic comes above the allowed usage, most web hosting companies will give extra webspace which gives extra traffic/bandwidth if it works out cheaper to do so for their customers, than paying per MB, that could in fact work out more. I have done this in the past, for good customer and public relations. A RSS is totally different to receiving forum posts that we are watching to our emails. The Mail2Forum software is a plug-in module for the phpbb that they currently use which is free software. Most PHP software available online is opensource. So the functionality of any php software can be modified inhouse by the people whom use it..in this instance TiF. There is no outsourcing, don't really know what you mean by that comment. Installation is very easy. And it is free. Currently they already send email alerts to our email boxes telling us that there is a new post for the topic we are watching. So really, instead of sending this, in my opinion, useless email, the content in the body of the email would be the post its self...allowing me to reply to the post straight from my email program. So I don't think there would be any noticeable difference to the email server load at all. Considering, that mainly only people who like watching topics would be the current users that would use this email subscription service. But that could expand, to people who may want to use it also, in the future. Also, the Mail2Forum email subscription service can be set up to only work on the forums(sub-forums) that the administrators choose for it to work on and not the whole entire forum. So it could maybe be used for one sub-forum if they choose to implement it or the whole lot. Therefore, if they choose to trial it, they could see how it works just by testing it on one forum only.
  13. Good Question. I don't know how strenous it would be on the server. Already TIF uses emails to alert us to new posts we are watching. Also, with PHP scripts and CMS scripts such as Postnuke, I have never noticed any problems with emails automatically been generated and sent out to users/members. Nor a strain on the servers. But my servers were remotely hosted servers and not my own personal servers. I don't know what TIF/TIP setup is, or if they have unlimited traffic/bandwidth as part of their hosting.
  14. I've suggested this somewhere else here :-$ and have decided to place it in the appropriate forum so that it might be considered. I would love the option of having posts delivered to my email, I use outlook express and would like to sort the posts I have watched using my message rules. Or have the ability to watch a whole forum/subforum. I found this module for phpbb, that does everything for you, it will just act like a plugin and is easily integratable. http://www.mail2forum.com/wiki/Introduction Look forward to this becoming a TIF feature one day in the near future..hehehe (if you need assistance in any way just message me as I am a Web Developer)
  15. I posted this in the crafting guide also: Hunter Guide- Rabbit Snearing/ Rabbit-foot Necklaces Crafting a lucky rabbit-foot necklace requires one white rabbits foot caught from using Hunter skill (level 27) and one ball of wool. You will need a crafting level of 37 and you gain 4 xp per necklace. I made two to make sure that was right. Wearing a lucky rabbit-foot necklace while woodcutting greatly improves your chances of obtaining bird's nest. Heres a image: [pokemama 11/28: arcticrunite says Hunter level 24 is required to wear the amulet/necklace.]
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