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  1. *poke* Hope you are doing well =)

  2. The following is either new or a change of t he existing co-ord location 00.15 South 13.58 East and located at
  3. Two new sites for orb scans - or the description currently held is slightly inaccurate.
  4. @Makoto - Whilst I found your article interesting in its attempt to put a different slant on the F2P issue, I fear that it ignores the raison d'etre for its very existence; namely that it is there as a show case for the members game. Other games use different strategies - some for instance are on a pay2win as explained in a previous post, some a timelimited demo, others a level limited demo (for instance the new WoW free to lvl 30 offer). Jagex chose to provide an unlimited time but with a limited access to map, skills, mini games, quests and items. In this respect it works well. I suspect that all members arrived at the game via the F2P route. There are plenty of skills to try out and (I believe) 20 quests to undertake, plus PvP content. I would suggest that for someone new coming to the game there is plenty there to entertain. My decision was to turn member once I had completed all the quests, a numnber of months playing time and an excellent grounding in the game. I respect the choice of those who decide to remain in F2P rather than membeship but it is their choice and it is done knowing the limitations and the company policy on that version of the game. That does not create an excuse to use illegal methods for gaining XP or GP or to claim that the game is not interesting enough. Fighting Elvarg in addy sure gets the old ticker pumping, as did a trip to the Dark Knight's Fortress trying to avoid PKers en route. It would be useful for you to explain what sort of additional content is required in F2P to make it less 'under-served' then perhaps I might be able to perceive more value in that which you propose. On a minor note - there have been more changes to F2P in the last 2-3 years than there ever were in the begining when F"P was static. The bank at Lumbridge and gravestones made a massive difference for begnners, no longer the march to Varrock and the risk of being killed by the lvl 27 wizard near Delrith and losing everything. Perhaps they were installed for members but F2P benefited as well.
  5. THis location within the Varrock Castle walls to the SW. http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd310/heliosgamos/compasscliuelocationa.jpg Can I also suggest grouping the compass clues for one area together to save searching through the whole list And perhpas t he Orb scan clues to be put in alphabetical order by place mentioned in the clue, Finally the location given for t he Zanaris orb scan of 'near the agility short cut' is a little misleading in its phraseology - it is in fact due W of the second agility shortcut in a bay in the path to the Cosmic alltar.
  6. I'm not quite sure where the author was going with this article. Was he/she complaining about 'nerfing' (such a perjorative word) or unfair banning, or the lack of testing as he/she perceived it. By the end of the article, i remained confused as to the ultimate conclusion. To understand the complexities of software development, especially in a game environment where balance is a key issue requires a much deeper treatement than that given here. As someone with 20 years of software development behind them in the commercial sector, I can fully support what Xeen says. The law of unintended consequences plays a huge role in software developemnt. A small tweak here can cause a massive ripple there. Chaos Theory Rules!. A commercial example would be code to round currency in a particular way in one part of the software suite different from the method used in the other 20 thousand lines of code. It can and did result in a difference of millions of pounds / dollars, fairly key when deciding how much to put into the overnight money market (the function of this particular software suite). Trying to find and fix the offending lines of code in 20 thousand of them was particularly challenging. Heads rolled on that one - a bit different from losing or gaining a few pixels.
  7. I just entered the cave once the monster was close enough. The familiar you need is the albino rat. or any blue charm familiar - the albino rat just happens to be the lowest level one
  8. Hi Val - Please add me to the list Helios Gamos P2P
  9. Well done mate. You will never be alone in RS again :lol:
  10. Please read my above post. Your method of thinking does not take into account opportunity cost. Please stop posting this. Happy - you are quite correct to factor in opportunity cost, however remember your audience here. Most will have no idea of what you talk and an explanation of the concept in your first post may help. HTH
  11. Rune Ratios At level 73 RC, I was averaging 694 xp per trip - using 41 rune essence, and experiencing a ratio of 3:1 higher runes against elemental runes, thus getting 3 Cosmic or above runes per Elemental rune with 17% Laws and 17% natures. At level 74, the average was 706 per trip and a ratio of 3.35:1. 17% laws still and 16% natures. I don't have exact figures to hand but the percentage of deaths increase to compensate for the drop in natures. You get between 11 and 13 different rune types (norm is 12) from those 41 runes. HTH
  12. I think your high level player arrogance has gone to your head. This was not intended as a guide or a how to article but purely one players experience in the game. And what is there to say that this player was a low level...as you call it noob? There are a lot of high level players who prefer to play the game and not trade. Each to their own in this game I say. And calling a player a noob is like calling the kettle black. We were all there at one stage, and some are still there even at the high levels. What may seem simple and easy to some, may be harder to others. And being accepting of peoples differences/ages in a game like Runescape makes a persona a better player of the game. There is nothing wrong with intellectual diversity in the tip.it times and I applaud Tip it for keeping things interesting and different by giving other players the chance to share their experiences. :thumbsup: =D> Well said Kiwi. Runescape is not all about high levels and nor is Tip.It. Neither are they here just for those who have played since the beginning of time. RS can be quite daunting even after you've read the Knowledge base; remember once upon a time there was no knowledge base, not everyone knew of fan sites, you had to rely on the good nature of more experienced players. This article was a sweet nice and funny change of pace. It brought back memories of my first trade (and yes I made the same mistake). Well done Scaredy Cat. Helios
  13. Whoops! I really should read the announcements before posting. Well I don't like them - they interupt the flow of reading a post. They also don't open the advert in a new window when one clicks on the text - a bit of a pain as one has to restart logging in to the forums having rashly clicked the big red x in the top right to get rid of the intrusion. :wall: :idea: - don't click on things you don't understand
  14. Is it my PC or is it a general thing - I seem to be getting certain words highlighted and underlined in green throughout the Forums at the moment. When I click on them it takes me off to another site - advertising something loosly connected to the word. Have I been infested with some malware? If so how can I get rid - I've got Norton, Spyblocker, Adaware running and it seems to have got past all of these. Suggestions welcome Helios
  15. I've read most of the previous 4 pages and in general I agree with the changes proposed. Merging the General P2P and F2P forums would be good for the reasons stated by the tallest, sith and others. All the 'have you seen' 'what did you do' general topics can be interesting but they swamp the discussions on changes in RS and their effects on gameplay - e.g. how does the upgraded crossbow and the dark bow affect weapon choices for rangers. I see a few of these fairly erudite threads in both General and Help and Advice and yes they can be slow moving but for developing one's game play are extremely informative. Unfortunatley, it is not easy to find these types of threads and will be made worse by the merging of the General and Help and Advice forums. I'm not certain the Rants or Debate Forums are the right place either. AOW and its current sub forums are probably not the right place at the moment as not all discussion will start with a guide, although such discussion may well influence guides. So the upshot is, the changes look good but consider adding a forum (or sub forum) that deals with the changes to game play and updates made by Jagex - similar to the discussion that goes on (sometimes) in the Recent Updates on RSOF but hopefully with less duplicate threads and slower moving. Helios
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