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  1. A 60-minute rain and thunder CD on repeat. Love the white noise.
  2. Miss our convos and miss you! How are you sweetie? *huggles*

  3. Just in general, it's good to have a general set of rules rather than coming up with specific ones for each situation. It only causes problems and encourages people to try and get around them with loopholes. If the staff just develops a set basic forum principles and then deals with everything on a case-by-case basis, everything should run relatively smoothly. Being a part of a community involves viewing things you do not necessarily care for or agree with; the solution to this is not to work on creating a board or finding a rule to hide these things, but to simply just move on and find something that does interest you. Edit: Note that I was not saying the staff hasn't already developed a set of core principles - that was more of a blanket statement for communities, not TIF in particular.
  4. Can you please not remove all content from your original post? It ruins the point of keeping old threads on TIF. Even though your point may have been contested or your idea may have been shot down, it would be helpful for other users to read in the future. I would have almost certainly participated in this thread had I known what was in your original post.
  5. That's awesome. Yeah, I highly doubt (read: hope) that the combat system will not be roll-based like in the RPG. I'm hoping it is more along the lines of Jedi Outcast/Academy with MMO flavor.
  6. Congrats Das - have to say it is very nice to see your name up there. Best of luck with working on clans and all of the other duties. :)
  7. It says they have five available classes. I hope the sorceress makes her return - always enjoyed playing that class. The witch doctor looks good too. It sort of incorporates some WoW Warlock-based abilities..
  8. It's become a real Catch-22. I was talking to Ard about it last night. In order to get better gear, you need to have done heroics and Kara; in order to do Kara and heroics, people require you have to better gear. It's become more prominent lately (when I last played, I mean) and people are becoming more restrictive as things progress.
  9. Haha, yeah. I'm curious about it too. Have always enjoyed Blizzard's games. Would be a real shocker if it was a Starcraft MMO.
  10. Agreed. Glad to be back. I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort the current Tip.it Staff has put into fixing and maintaining the forums. Bravo! P.S. Hi Sunli! 8)
  11. I'm not trying to get this new player to be completely prepared for level 70 raiding on his first character. We don't know that Rsautohater wants to power level through the entire game, missing all of the wonderful content Blizzard has created. My suggestion was given towards making sure he had a good time with his first character which may or may not include getting gear ASAP and bypassing all alternative leveling styles. No matter what he/she specs, there will be a learning curve; spec does not necessarily decrease time spent learning the class. I've known RS to WoW switchers who went to level 40 without even choosing a spec because they didn't know it existed. Somehow people learn the game in their own way. I merely suggested that Rs choose a more DPS-oriented approach so he does not get frustrated when killing quest NPCs at a slower rate than everyone around him.
  12. Sorry but I have to disagree about speccing prot as a Warrior. Leveling as protection as a Warrior is EXTREMELY boring - on par with leveling holy as a Priest/Paladin, resto as a Druid, etc. Go Fury or Arms. I think Fury is the better one but I've never played a Warrior. I do know that you can tank instances just fine as a Warrior specced Fury (from 1-60 at least). You will be asked to tank while leveling but it isn't necessary to spec into an eye-gouging tree to do it.
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