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  1. To my friends of many years: I am here, just not talking. ❤️

  2. This thread is purrfect. Also: my name isn't Goon either :rolleyes: :D
  3. Excellent news, indeed! Does this mean that the forum will once again be cared for properly? ^_^
  4. Yes it is sad! Did you know that this was the very first (not under this name though) fansite for Runescape? Silverion made the very first fan based forum for the new game 'Runescape' back then. It would be very sad if it all went downhill and never recovered. I my self have been with this forum almost since it was founded the original time. It is quite a long time ago! I think that if they can't do the job, they should retire and leave it to someone that cares about this forum. Anyone feeling up to the task can send in an application for a moderator role. If it gets read by an administrator, that is. It really saddens me that I am no longer able to do the job, but then again; I did retire when I realised I couldn't do the job anymore.
  5. I'm quite disapointed to be honest. I have reported the posts made that I have been able to catch when I'm on. I advice you all to do the same!
  6. I only do the elite ones and won’t even bother with the master clues because the average rewards are mostly junk according to a friend who have done 50 or so.
  7. Congratulations Arceus! Here is me wishing you a success in your new role =D>
  8. Very nice addition to the forums! Congratulations Miss Lioness! =D> :thumbup:
  9. Excellent! Congratulations! =D> :thumbsup: In Other News said; "You can now renew the duration of portables by using using them on already-deployed portables of the same kind. The duration can stack up to an hour, and you can use portables on those originally placed by other players."
  10. HI! I would suggest doing dungeoneering to get to know the mechanics of the game again, in a safe enviroment without the fear of loosing your stuff! Thats how I got back in game after a 2-3 year break. Everything was so new and confusing! Learn the use of the action and abilitybar - It is well worth the time and you will soon learn to love the new EOC!
  11. I would love to have something like this implemeted into the game. I never ever bother with the free stuff I can collect from far and wide - exactly because I have to travel far and wide to get them! If all I had to do was to visit my POH warehouse-manager once a day, it would be bareable. Really nice idea and got my vote *thumbs up*
  12. Welcome gal! We are looking foreward to get to know you! :)
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