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  1. Greetings! Spending more and more time contributing to your clan's citadel, or meeting activity requirements? Do you find yourself missing the days of old school skilling and killing? Looking for a group of people who are looking to put the fun back in Runescape? Well look no further!! HvK-Gaming started as Clan HaVok in 2005. A clan known for hardcore skilling and killing, we are credited with having discovered and exploited the wilderness agility arena luring technique that wreaked HaVok on old school clans like Damage Inc for weeks. Over the years we have made changes and expanded into other games. Our main goal has never been to be competitive, but to have fun without the seriousness of most clans. We have always trusted our members to speak their minds and give us their opinions rather than to force our rules on them. We simply ask for respect and common sense throughout our community. REQUIREMENTS: 140+ Combat 1400+ Skill Total Pure skill [bleep] welcome! Also .. with the EoC and the shift in combat levels, we are definitely still working this requirement. PLEASE NOTE! WE ARE SMALL RIGHT NOW! HvK is in the beginning phases of making a comeback ... which means plenty of opportunities for players to make a name for themselves! Give us a chance, you won't be sorry. ABOVE ALL: We are looking for people with great attitudes who want to have fun. HvK does not have a Clan Citadel and there are no plans in the immediate future to create one. Our goal is to take our time putting together a solid group of talent and then slowly build back up from the successful leadership base we created years ago. Old school skilling and killing? No overblown clan activity requirements? Weekly events and good friends plus the opportunity to play other games? If that's what you're looking for, that's what you'll find in HvK. FACTS ABOUT US: - we maintain a separate Enjin site with forums - we maintain a super active TS Three server - we support many other games! - clan leadership has been contributing to the RS clan community since 2003 INTERESTED IN JOINING? Please message me here or in game .. ArrGee :)
  2. Thanks guys :) Not really looking to start a formal event, but instead help some people out while I'm actively up there pking. As for Skype vs Teamspeak; it's not an issue. I'm a leader of a gaming clan that spans multiple games and though we have our genesis in Runescape .. it's not our primary game anymore. I'm about the only one active. Anyone who joined me in our TeamSpeak would be openly welcomed back. And again .. TeamSpeak is NOT a requirement, but it would make it much easier :)
  3. Hi there, Oldy but goody here; I've recently started playing again, but focusing solely on pking up in the higher wildy green dragons. If you spend any time up there, you know that 99.7% of the players killing dragons are gold miners / bots. I've got some really good solo tactics for them and have enormous success. I kill a ton of them, but hundreds of green dragon hides and dragon bones go to waste. I can't pick them all up so I leave them on the ground. Just in an hour today I counted over 500 hides and bones that were wasted. So .. is there anyone out there looking for free hides and bones? Basically, you could follow me around and watch me kill these guys, pick up the drops, and run your loot back and forth to the bank. I'd say that what you collect per hour would well be worth your time following me around. I play in 1-2 hour spurts, sometimes longer. If you're leveling Crafting or Prayer and low on geepee, this is a great opportunity. Ground Rules: - I'd prefer someone who can get into my Clan's (HaVok) Teamspeak; I can create a private channel. Not a requirement, but would make it easier to keep you alive and keep the event moving - You're on your own if we're attacked - Just click to "follow" me and off we go! I would recommend you come with: - means of teleport - anti-dragonfire shield - good anti-mage armor Quickest escape is the portal or running south to use some other tele I see people using. Quickest way back up to the dragons is the waka canoe east of Edgeville. Make sure you three item unless you don't care if you lose something. If we're attacked up there it will be by a mage with a war tortoise; lucky for you, they will come after me first since I am skulled. I've died once in the last three days. If you're interested, please post your questions and then contact me in game: arrgee. I have private set to "friends" most of the time .. so it may be easier for you to contact me here on the forums. Anyone who has been around since ~2002 can vouch for my honesty; though to be honest, I'm not really willing to trust some random someone to do go with me, but it kills me to see the XP go to waste. I will go back to solo ops the first time it's obvious I've been set up. :)
  4. Dbz ... thanks for the response hun - have fun at the Arena!! :) Deio ... I didn't say it was in an effort to help the clan situation? It's something we are all doing right now .. what better way to get people massed together in one spot for a very peaceful sort of "protest" gathering? Jagex isn't fixing squat - that's for damn sure. Fook ..
  5. As we all scramble to sell off our clan banks before the dismal updates take place .. HaVok has been liquidating ours to our clan members at 50% off of high market value. We are almost done, but have a TON of noob gear in there that we have collected over the years - mith, steel, iron, robes, etc - that isn't worth the nature rune to alch, but I can't bear to drop it since very soon we won't even be able to give it away. I can only guess that other clans are in the same position that we are and even with the recent posting on the Runescape site about "future updates" .. I have no doubt clan banks (as well as clans for the most part) are an obsolete part of our future. What I propose is that on 31 December we mass all of our clans together in the Falador Party Room on a F2P world - world and times TBD - and fill the treasure chest with all of the noob gear from our clan banks that we can't sell off in the GE, or to other clan members. We have the biggest noob gear drop party in the history of Runescape .. get every F2P noob there that we can via advertising, etc .. and then surround the Party Room chanting our clan names while the noobs run about popping their pretty balloons.
  6. WOOT! I remember back when you still could post RL pics on Tip ... ;) Here's a recent one of me: Great pics, all! :D
  7. TF2: Runegirlie Also .. I host a community on there, PandemoniumFate .. been hit or miss to catch people on, but we will eventually get a server set up :) we have forums as well that cater specifically to TF2: PandemoniumFate Been trying to put together a decent TF2 clanning community :)
  8. Nadril .. we'd love to have you come play with us noobs! ;) Gordon .. no, we don't have a server - I need to investigate that. We do have forums tho and a Steam community. I haven't had much of a chance to get on, but if you add the other people in the community .. they would love to play with you!
  9. Gordan .. will do :) will have to wait until I get home tonight .. we would love to have you! I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be as well ... :lol: Adam .. isn't it a blast??? =)
  10. Please do ;) we have a few good people from HaVok who will be playing .. all in all a solid gaming group ..
  11. True that ;) Just corrected my error. I wrote the original post when it wasn't working .. still a bit buggy for some .. but good fun! :P
  12. Not sure how many of you are familiar with TFC .. Team Fortress Classic was the very first multi-player online game I ever played .. pmg .. loved it, loved it, loved it!!! :P Anywho .. I am taking a break from HaVok and subsequently one from RS (not quitting and not breaking completely .. just finding other projects to concentrate on) - my new project is setting up a TF2 clan and seeing what I can do in another gaming realm. If any of you has already purchased The Orange Box for the Beta ... (fomal release is October 10th for the game) ... you are more than welcome to come check us out - we have a community set up on Steam, PandemoniumFate, and a forum pre-staged for us as well: PandemoniumFate We also have a community established on Steam, PandemoniumFate. If you intend to play .. we would love to have you! \ looking for solid, mature gamers :) Feel free to MSN me if you have any questions Valve: http://www.valvesoftware.com/ Steam: http://www.steampowered.com/v/static_web.php? The Orange Box: http://www.whatistheorangebox.com/
  13. :thumbsup: Great accomplishment!!!! Just took a peek at the list myself :)
  14. Great points .. I didn't think of those. When people are on IRC, or in TeamSpeak .. it's uncensored depending on clan rules .. I know do next to no censoring in HaVok. People will revert to those types of norms when using clan chat .. and get in trouble, I am sure. Clans that have pmods will have to be uber careful .. will pose an interesting conundrum for sure. Am concerned about registering clans .. will some noob hop on there and immediately register as many clans as he/she can and then sell that particular "clan chat?" How do you stop some noob from your clan that you don't want to have ownership rights from registering it? Has Jagex posted the rules yet for it? It would be nice if they would do so before releasing it so we know what we are getting in to and can formulate a plan of attack ...
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