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  1. now what was your join date on the ORIGINAL scape forums? thats what i though ;)
  2. Yep i rememeber...shop north of nature altar...selling noted ess to shop keeping and buying it back or you could..go from Al Kharid....take the flight to Kara....crossing the log...if you fell..you took damage + extra walking...then Dueling ring back to Al Kharid (nature runes that is)
  3. yea that's what i was talking about also i do agree about new accounts...since ive been back ive made a f2p only account that ive been messing around on within about 3 weeks of casual play (maybe 2 hours a day if that)...i got him to 60 combat...74 fishing 60 mining 60ish cooking...also from lvl 48-62 in fishing...i was walking from Kara to Draynor to bank my lobs before i realized they added a guy on Kara to "note" your fish :\ and he has about 6mil in ores/fish
  4. "Old school" now a day is taken very loosely...people that have been playing for 3-5 years think they are "old school", which is fine but when the term was first thrown around...it wasn't a term used to measure the amount of time you played the game..it was used to describe someone who played from the start Do i consider myself a TRUE old schooler? no. Do i consider myself old school by the standards of today? yes Here are some of the older pics i have (most of my RSC pics have been long gone from multiple formats throughout the years) [hide] ^stats at the end of rsc and the transition to rs2 in 2004 (Legends quest was the only quest i couldn't complete...i ended up getting it when rs2 came out and you could eat in combat) ^found this kinda cool..shows the ranks and skill lvl from 2004 ^oldest world screen select page i have (2004) ^this is one kinda cool. It is my very first runescape account. Back in early RSC, if you were caught cheating/macroing you wouldn't be banned...you would get stat swiped, leaving your quests completed (i guess it stopped people from doing this on purpose to benefit from doing a certain quest over and over?) Back in early RSC...you couldn't see the players combat level in game. So you would get lvl 10s saying they are level 90+. Well there was a program that was used for macroing that would also show the players combat level in game...i could never figure out how to run a script...so i just ran around freaking people out by "acting" like i could guess their combat level. Ended up getting stat swiped.[/hide] Now onto the topic: I cant really get upset by the fact that it is 100x easier to lvl a skill with the "make X" option...since i never lvled a skill to 99 before the addition to the game...but i am jealous that after getting 87 fletching by clicking knife-log-knife-log then unstrung bow-bowstring-unstrung bow-bowstring and so on...but like i said..i was only lvl 87 and people who did 2X the amount of XP than i did...had A LOT more work cut out for them Also fishing makes me jealous. lvling in RSC required you to click each attempt (if you missed a fish, it would continue fishing til you received one...if i remember correctly) then you would have to cert them...then take them to Draynor and uncert them but i do understand Jagex reasoning for adding the "easy mode button" into the game...it keeps people playing longer and makes it easier for people to start the game..and catch on faster. In some cases though, made people leave because of the fact that the feeling of getting an achievement in a certain skill required you to hit lvl 99 instead of something along the line of hitting lvl 70 crafting in rsc [and even early rs2] and be able to FINALLY craft Diamond Ammies.
  5. i have a gnome mage i play just xfered to this server...anyone else have an alt there? http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... Feezledorf i can pull pretty decent dps....around 5.5K 10man and 6.5K raid
  6. i have a gnome mage i play just xfered to this server...anyone else have an alt there? http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... Feezledorf i can pull pretty decent dps....around 5.5K 10man and 6.5K raid
  7. anyone here have any twinks? ive got one on Cairne (emberstorm BG) also if anyone else has a cairne alt...add me: Anolas (lvl 19 twink rogue) ÎHeal (lvl 50 atm....plan on pushing him to 70 before WotLK) or you might find me on my chanter Aliaric [hide=Latest Acheivment on my twink][/hide]
  8. I love the idea! i would probably leave World of Warcraft and go back to Runescape :D thats something cool about WoW...when they release a new realm...you cant transfer your lvl 70s over to it...if you wanna play realm...you have to start from scratch
  9. Anyone have a char on Cairne? i just started playing the game last week..im a lvl 20 human rogue, i already made a guild with a tabard and 2 bank tabs (bought myself :\) i think im doing pretty good so far, definitely getting the hang of things...but if anyone on my server wants to throw some advice in when needed...add me /Cairne /Aliaric /A
  10. honestly i just dont feel like updating the list anymore..i have left this game for another...i only stop by to check on summoning...i guess i can put the list back up...but it will no longer be updated edit: ive seem to have lost the list...i might be on my old comp...but it doesn't have internet access right now...
  11. look at the scroll bar for the chat fake...but nice try
  12. with shipping it will be more..
  13. white chocolate bought the black one originally but i unfortunately got it wet and ruined it. Went and bought the one i have now...which is the one posted above....its been 5 months and im starting to have problems with it....i think ima buy a different phone in the future
  14. with this setup i can get 5-8 kills solo per trip (97 range / 60 def) with a team of 3 (2 ranged - 1 melee) we can get anywhere from 12-18 kills -rangers wear my setup if under 70def (you want the most mage def + a decent range attack) -melee wears best mage def while wielding a whip/dds or drag mace my strategy is to put a ranger and melee up close and on opposite sides, then 1 ranger back...after the kill we distribute everyones food evenly to keep us going longer...see my figure above -also i found it useful when the ranger that stands away gets low on food...switch rangers spots run up close and protect melee...giving less chances of being hit by mage(fire/ice/posion) attacks like stated above...when frozen...use time to heal or pot up i normally just walk from edge or sometimes use portals
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