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  1. I started in '01. Haven't played the last few months. The game just seems to frustrate me and cause me a lot of stress these days.
  2. I used E1IF-UFKO-HO4B. Thanks!!!
  3. Do Tif users or rs players need to be concerned about this? I have no idea what OpenSSL is, but I already changed all of my vendor acct passwords. http://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA14-098A
  4. Didnt buy anything. In Canafis caught a wisp energy caught an orange ball farmed morchella plot killed a werewolf with range killed a warewolf with melee buried a bone cast bones to peaches on a bone chopped 2 logs fletched a log lit a log on fire cleaned a grimy herb from bank This seems to add up to only 14, but I got 15 doing exactly this in the same order.
  5. :P Ik I didtched the whole plan
  6. Looks great to me> wish I was working with your budget :D
  7. Thanks, DK, I did check and to do any substantial upgrade to the cpu/gpu, I would need a new motherboard.
  8. Admittedly, I don't know what I'm doing, but it seems a little strange to me that hd video and a game like wow runs lag free while I have trouble with rs. And if I need to buy a cpu and gpu, I might as well go on ben's bargains and buy a whole new prebuilt. Back to shopping..
  9. Thanks, I updated directx. I had no idea that it was not updated by windows update. I also ran the rs graphics auto set-up again. That seems to have helped some. Re:overclocking. Not really sure I need to or that it will help with how rs runs, but I did attempt it. When I tried to change the cpu ratios, the bios program would not let me move it off of auto. Does asus have some auto lock that I am missing? I'm also not really sure how much digging I want to do into oc this without at least getting another cooler. So for now my upgrades will be: New RAM SSD, demoting the HDD to storage after market cooler
  10. Runescape and LotR are the most graphic intensive games i play. Other than that, everything else I do can be done on a chromebook or even an android tablet. Havn't tried overclocking..I'm using the stock cooler. I am having a lot of lag. Can barely move in crowded places. The pc is clean and runs great. I guess it's server lag>
  11. Thanks, Ezee, been wondering about that for a long time.
  12. This is what I have. Mobo: Asus p5qc GPU: ATI Radeon 4500 HD CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @3.16GHz RAM: 4GB OS: 64b win7 hp 1. Would upgrading the ram to 8gb ddr3 and adding a ssd to boot the os give enough of a boost to warrant opening the box? If so, would a 60GB SSD be enough? 2. Do I need to upgrade the processor and video card? 3. Unrelated: Why are there multiple chrome[Caution: Executable File]'s in processes?
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