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  1. Hey Magey seeing how you're doing. You're going into healthcare now? Me too! I'd love to hear what's going on with you.

  2. Yes...it's a very vicious(and violent) cycle!
  3. The avatar is long gone. Not sure what happened to it on here. :( These boards have changed a TON! A real life pics thread? Wow! And yeah, I remember most of ya'll! Sorry about not posting in those threads...didn't know they even existed. Finals are gonna be cake. My only exams are in Indoor Plants and Human Sexuality(Hoorah for being a Senior), so I'm not too stressed. Hence why I'm contemplating a come-back tour to RS.
  4. Hey ya'll. Back in the day I used to spend wayyyy too much time on these boards. I wanted to see who was still around and who has peaced out. This winter break is going to be awfully boring, so I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to end up logging onto RS for the first time in a long time. So...what's up? :)
  5. The DB9 IS sexy...I just like the body-style of the Vanquish a tad bit better. Now, I suppose if we're talking dream cars may as well go for the One-77.
  6. Here's mine...the Aston Martin Vanquish.
  7. Is anyone here in Mensa? If so...what's it like?
  8. Move to Tailand...learn how to walk corners.
  9. ^^ The exact moment when Art was lost.
  10. He's not spending money "on his car." He bought a freakin stereo system. That does absolutely NOTHING to increase the performance of his car. He posted this garbage on here...he can take the crap for doing so.
  11. Hmm, spend $530 on a girl, or spend $530 on myself. OH, Wait! I got an idea! How bout I go pick up a girl in my car, turn up the tunes, and amaze her with the bass. I like a lil bit of everything. If I want to here some bump, I put on some hip-hop, but I also like listening to a lot of alternative rock. Very little hard rock (slipknot), Sorry, but a 94 Civic(or whatever junk heap you drive) with a sound system worth more than the engine isn't going to impress a girl. Or, if you do get a girlfriend..."Hey sweetie...let's go sit in my car and listen to music...since I don't have any money for dates...or for gas even." Great plan.
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