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  1. Rofl. You do know that "adam And eve" Are... NOT PROVEN!!!!! for 1. And 2 That's religon not science And there 4 even if Eveoltion is a theroy Adam and eve are also. :thumbsup:
  2. Well I'm wondering what Your IQ is . please don't flame me or anything for this. And don't lie,I dont want to hear that you could out smart sir isaac newton at chess with your "300" IQ. My IQ is 182 I know It's high But I'm not lieng (typos on purpose for scarcasem purposes{1 of the typos is in the brackets}. Anyway post your IQ hear!
  3. Physical: I'd like to get a 6 pack, I only have a 2 pack (lol I'm only 10 so I shoudent be asking that :oops: ) Mentel: Well for all you readers who like fiction I'm like artmis fowl in terms of intelagence in almost every way Excpt spelling So I guss better spelling would be nice! -.-
  4. Kibgsofchaos.com is a good text based mmo also ogame.org is a nother good mmo. then ther is gamestotal.com wich is good also
  5. I use to thingk the tooth fariy was real.lol :XD: :-X Ialso use to thing my mom was cute when i was 4 :3> not. =; :wall:
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