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  1. Hm, have you tried Paint Pro or whatever it's called? I heard that's pretty good. And if you go the download site, you can probably find trials for photoshop.
  2. Well, with MsPaint you can create unique kinds of art, not the same as you would with another program, since with MsPaint it tends to look pixaly since it's hard to make shades. A lot of it has outlines unless you make it really detailed. Well, i used Photoshop, but i've heard of some Coral thing, there's gimp, sorta like a downgraded photoshop, and i'm pretty sure you can download an old version of photoshop somewhere. There was another...something like Paint something. Anyways, i'm sure you can find something out there for free or cheap. EDIT- Ohhh, trials. Well, speaking of that, you can go to http://www.download.com and search, they usually have a bunch of different trials there.
  3. Unless you're trying to make it very abstract, then it's really disproportionate. -The lips are slanted too much -The eyes are just...maybe to close inward, it's so huge there's no room left for her left eye. Just because her hair is covering half her face, you should still be able to see some of her left eye. -The nose is too high -Ear is too low. I was just pointing out some things. The perspective of the girl is difficult, and i'm no master at perspective so i'm just pointing out the things that look odd. Keep up the great work though! I'm sure it's gonna look great when you're done. =)
  4. That's really good! I like it. =) Only thing i can advise is to add more detail to the scimitar, why make the drawing so great and put little detail into the sword? The top of her head and breasts look kinda flat, but overall, i love it. Great job! =)
  5. Thank you! This was very helpful! And i do think you're right. I use the smudge tool a lot, and now that i think of it, it would and did make it look plasticy. Thanks so much! I'll use darker shades. And yeah, i've learned to stay away from the burn tool. I usually use darker shades, but i'll experiment! I really understand what you're saying. You may have just saved me from years of trouble! Thanks! =) Thanks too everyone. *Phew* Maybe, i can fix this up. :P
  6. Thank you! I can never really seem to find the right skin color. Thanks, you've givin me a great idea.
  7. I blend the white in, though i did leave some white on the skin. And i'm not full done, i havn't gone in a made it neat or anything.
  8. Thanks. I can't seem to get a realistic look without gettn a plastically look..Well, something to improve on. Thanks!
  9. Thanks. Yeah, skirts are hard. I'm the total opposite, I find skirts easier to draw than trousers. 9/10 She looks a bit muscly/skinny-ish to me. Bah, it's just me :D I personally think pants and skirts are hard.
  10. Thanks. Yeah, skirts are hard.
  11. Thanks. :D Yeah, it would be like...impossible for me to do the shading and hair without a tablet. And i used photoshop.
  12. What do you think? I'm still learning how to do faces, not to mention the creepy lips. Anyways, what do you think? Any suggestions, or suggestions for a background? I do realize she has a big head, or big eyes? Well something up there is big lol, i dunno what it is. Anyways, here it is. Had to post a link cause it's huge...: Girl Thanks. :D This was done in photoshop. Note: The number at the top is just the hex color.
  13. Get Wacom. In fact, i'm actually using mine right now. They're great. You can do stuff easily that's hard to do with a mouse. \
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