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  1. Loved Dwarf Invasion. I'm pretty sure I also saved that video..... way back when..... stored or archived somewhere on one of my PC's...
  2. Not on the 1st 2000 list, but I'm still here - Feb 2001.
  3. Happy birthday! :D

  4. Happy birthday Tanya :) I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Happy Birthday! :D

  6. Tanya!! A very happy birthday to you!! :) :) We all miss you! Take care and happy holidays!

  7. Happy Birthday!! :)

  8. Happy birthday Tanya (:

  9. From the pages of Jagex: RSOF Quick find code: 239-240-793-61679001 I'm dumbfounded that they were only running 32bit myself....
  10. Well, that's not really true either - it's a sticky in the RSOF, so it must still be valid.
  11. Guess the jokes on me - someone bumped up the topic in the RSOF and I didn't notice :oops: Though some people are claiming that "their" world is still down....
  12. From the RSOF Quick find code: 164-165-947-61563862 Try to keep all discussion (aka rants) in this topic - we don't need to fill up General with mass "My homeworld's down...." type threads. Thanks everyone.
  13. Saw you playing SC today :) *waves*

  14. I think your comment section is lonely. I'm putting a stop to that.

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