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  1. Loved Dwarf Invasion. I'm pretty sure I also saved that video..... way back when..... stored or archived somewhere on one of my PC's...
  2. Not on the 1st 2000 list, but I'm still here - Feb 2001.
  3. From the pages of Jagex: RSOF Quick find code: 239-240-793-61679001 I'm dumbfounded that they were only running 32bit myself....
  4. Well, that's not really true either - it's a sticky in the RSOF, so it must still be valid.
  5. Guess the jokes on me - someone bumped up the topic in the RSOF and I didn't notice :oops: Though some people are claiming that "their" world is still down....
  6. From the RSOF Quick find code: 164-165-947-61563862 Try to keep all discussion (aka rants) in this topic - we don't need to fill up General with mass "My homeworld's down...." type threads. Thanks everyone.
  7. If you use your new "Magic watering can" on a regular fountain, it turns into a plain watering can. And if you have to ask, yes -face-palm- I did that. You can get a new one from the Fairy Queen in Zanaris (she's next to Chaeldar).
  8. I assume it has to do with your levels. I'm 99 mining, 99 smithing - have only played solo games, and am a measely level-10 dungeoneering. I get multiple gorgonite and promethium rocks to mine EVERY dungeon I play so I make the best stuff I can each time. You need to team with a high miner/smither, play max difficulty, and have them make you a promethium spear. In my experience, they're not rare at all since I make 'em myself. :)
  9. Images are a bit graphic, so beware. My jaw just dropped when a friend directed me to this story: CS Cheating "victim" [hide=X-Ray][/hide]
  10. From the RSOF, Quick find code: 15-16-921-60512457
  11. When you talk to her, don't select the "enchant my crystals" option. Select the other talk option.
  12. I keep 30+ charged crystals in my bank. I took just one crystal to Eluned, and I'm not sure of the exact procedure, but you need to talk to her. Then she'll offer to enchant with the new teleport. ALL your crystals, whether in your inventory or in the bank, will get the dual option for teleporting. (I think all your future crystals will also be the "new" ones).
  13. Well, when I was finished opening the west wall/corridor, I went back and turned the mirrors to send the white beam down the collapsed corridor. I was hoping that maybe there was a secret there, but nothing happened that I could see. I didn't go back after completely finishing the quest though, where there are now dwarves mining it and clearing the rubble? Might go back... again... and poke around some more.
  14. Inferno Adze can be used in place of both the pickaxe (sapphire mining) and the hatchet (canoe). Worked for me :) Slayer Ring is also useful to teleport near Rellekka and to Pollnivneach (to run up to the statue and to run up to Nardah later).
  15. RSOF Quick find code: 15-16-924-58447841
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