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  1. Maybe just use actual sticky notes and sticking them to the side of the monitor?
  2. Is this a social experiment on cause an effect? Post something that sounds intelligent and see if you can label each response into a specific category?
  3. Maybe you missed this part Wongtong:
  4. Reading his note, I wish that man would've instead decided to educate others instead of taking his life *sigh*
  5. Where does the shortcut point to on that server? If pointing to a shared folder on the server, have you verified the path still exists?
  6. Hey, that's a cool/interesting list. Thanks for putting that together :) As often as I hear "nice noob capes" while playing RS, I'm surprised cooking, fletching, and woodcutting aren't numbers 18, 19, and 20...
  7. is playing Runescape.

    1. MandleOmega


      Hey! I know you!


    2. IP_Freely


      Hey! Your name looks familiar! :o

  8. A friend and I went on a quest run last night. We completed Contact! and thought would do another. He wanted to do Troll Romance, but I hadn't done Troll Stronghold yet, so he helped me with that one before we jumped all over Troll Romance. During the final battle against Arrg I hit my best melee hit so far: 32! Using an Abyssal Whip, an Amulet of Fury, and a Super Strength potion :) We were going to do another one, but the sun was about to come up with my friend who had to work in the afternoon, so he left to get some sleep. I was still hungry for more quests though haha. So I did Wanted!, but got really tired during it. So as soon as I was done, I logged off and went to sleep myself. Good night of questing! I love questing, but it's always more fun with a friend :)
  9. Yeah, definitely love the 15% bonus and all-in-one helm :) I'm onto Summona now :)
  10. Gratz on getting lvl97 def :thumbsup:
  11. haha Yeah, it is annoying. I've decided that they'll just happen when they happen :-P
  12. I've been training Slayer for the past while. I find it a fun new way to train combat skills without just going out and fighting monsters to simply raise Attack, Strength, or Defense. Slayer sorta gives you goals to work toward, and you are able to level Attack, Strength, and Defense along the way. I like it :) Anyway, I'm finally able to craft my own slayer helmet! I've been getting my tasks from Chaelder who awards 10 points per task you complete. I had 358 slayer point when I was assigned Harpie Bugs (yet again). I was expecting to have at least 5 more tasks before I could craft the slayer helmet... that is until I completed the Harpie Bug task. I had completed my 40th task in a row, so I was award 50 points! So yay! I have my slayer helmet now and a renewed energy to keep training Slayer :) But for now I gotta go fish some more sharks before getting back to training Slayer. I sold all mine to get enough money to buy a Black Mask from the General Exchange for my slayer helmet haha
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