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  1. lizzywizzy


    Today is my day off, so I Took the kiddo to the park, got sunburnt (me not her, she was wearing sun cream), came home, had a nap, now waiting on dinner. So not a bad day really.
  2. My photo is from when I was pregnant, so its 5 years old now, can i use one of these as my picture please? or This is the most recent pic i have of me, I am on the right/top right celebrating my 30th. I dont remember having this photo taken though.
  3. lizzywizzy


    It's been snowing here, went for a 2 mile walk through the woods with the dogs today which was fun, until topaz ran into my leg and knocked me on my bum lol. Just spent the last 2 hours shovelling snow and ice so that we can get out....... And maybe I will have some luck getting home tomorrow. Being snowed in 150 miles away from home is not good!!!
  4. I have just finished reading revenge of the homecoming queen by stephanie hale. I currently have two books on the go - "And that's when it fell off in my hand" by Louise Rennison Jenny Pox by JL Bryan. I have about 30 books on my kindle that I havn't started reading yet, but I have quite a bit of traveling coming up so I'll use that time to get more reading in.
  5. duck face.... orrrrrrr offering a kiss? There is a difference between a innocect two year old and a douchy teen thank you very much :-)
  6. I am looking into adding something to my tattoo on my wrist, but I dont know what to add to it, its somewhat bothering me. I am in no way being all like, omg tell me what to get!?!?!?!? by this lol. at the moment it is just a plain black script of "Freya". I was thinking a flower, but im not too sure. My brother wais to get the patchy bits filled in, but I dont want that. i got it done when She was a couple of months old and carrying her and her playing with it, knocked scabs off and its patchy, but its like she made her mark lol. I am sure I will figure it out at some point. I need to find a decent tattoo artist in the area first though.
  7. Can you add that to my pictures please? Thanks :smile: And just because I can!!! [hide] She will be 2 in a few months, where has the time gone :sad: [/hide]
  8. 0.66 download 0.67 upload. internet has been shockingly rubbish since we moved into this house 4 months ago! Also we have a really angry Sky man up the telephone pole opposite my house almost every day trying to fix something, i hope its my internet he is trying to fix :-(
  9. lizzywizzy


    I have been feeling super blah today, I just realised I have not been taking my medication, I should probably start taking them again :-/ I am getting fed up with going to hospital now, I have been every week for the last 9 weeks, blood tests, more blood tests, ultra sounds, gastroscopy, some more blood tests, im getting bored of it now. We have established I have gall stones, I have a gaping Pylorus (sounds funny but painful, stupid stomach is letting acids into my intestines and is painful) and I am prone to pancreatitus at the moment,ive had it twice since beginning of december. BUT! today I am having a baby free day, going to have lunch, have a bath.... a BATH! not a quick 5 minute one but a full on proper bath!!! and off out on a date type thing tonight, so should help keep my mind of me being slightly broken lol. Hiiii!
  10. Me last saturday night, with my friend in the club, Im the huuuuuuuuuge on the right :-) starting the gym next week to sort that out (well induction monday woop woop) My first sober night out in that club, it wasnt so bad until my babies father turned up with his girlfriend - bleh!
  11. lizzywizzy


    we are all sick in my house at the moment, so I have not done a whole lot. I had a visit from my health visitor, and I have spent all day cleaning up baby sick from myself, other than that, it was just watching telly and playing on laptop..... was watching jeremy kyle, someone from my town was on it hahaha!
  12. lizzywizzy


    today I confronted the father of my baby as to why he is such an ass and has been worse than useless since finding out I was pregnant. I cried.... im stupid! found out the reason he thought that he wasnt the dad WAS BECAUSE A WOMAN WHO IS RENOUND FOR LYING told him I was sleeping with one of my friends. Errrrrrm so instead of asking me what was going on, he just goes around calling me a [bleep]? Stupid douchebag!!!!! I felt pretty pooty before that convo tbh, now I feel worse.
  13. lizzywizzy


    today I got woken up by a phonecall saying that my gran passed away at 6:40am this morning....... so far for today.... that is all!
  14. she looks cute, but sometimes I think she was swapped with the spawn of the devil lol. going through teething at the moment and she is constantly trying to eat me, which isnt toooo bad, but she likes to bite my nose if she is near my face and that shizzle hurts :-/
  15. lizzywizzy


    everything i had planned for today has been thrown in the bin. I didn't wake up until 11am, we had a phonecall saying that they have stopped all medication on my gran and have started administering morphine to keep her comfortable, so it looks like in a day or two I will no longer have any grandparents. Waiting on the care home to give us a ring with an update and we will more than likely be making the 13+ hour trip tomorrow. it is pretty hot again today so I have a grumpy baby woop woop!!!
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