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  1. Vulxai

    Lost City

    You can't chop it until you killed the spirit, I thought?
  2. I'll have to check out that dungeon! And when I started, Slayer wasn't a skill lol, then when it came out, I never really got into it much.
  3. Vulxai

    Lost City

    A wand? Well that's something new to me, well I guess I didn't realize you could make wands (my hiatus is killing me!). Maybe you could add that into the guide, that you can craft a wand to use?
  4. The spells section is in need of rework, as far as which runes are used to cast spells (i.e., blasts no longer require death runes, etc). Also, did the experience change? I seem to get the same amount of experience regardless of how hard I hit, so did it change to just a base of how many hitpoints the enemy has?
  5. Vulxai

    Lost City

    Unless I'm mistaken, you can no longer mage the tree spirit on Entrana, as just having the runes won't allow you to cast the spell. Everytime I tried, it said you need a weapon in your main hand, which aren't allowed on the island.
  6. Thanks for the glacors help, and as far as the second part, yeah that's my struggle too! I'm not sure where, for lack of better term, the cool kids hang out! I do slayer a little bit here and there, but I've never been a fan of slayer, I'm a little old school lol
  7. Where are decent training spots for lower level mages? Currently level 41, aiming for 59 right now. Also, what level would you recommend before starting to mage higher level monsters (i.e. glacors? You mage those, right?)
  8. I still want to get my mining cape...that was always my goal with Vulxai, but since I lost him, might as well use Wise Pond to try and get it! I got several more months here in the desert, so I think I'll have some time lol
  9. Yeah I'm still trynna get everything down again...so much change and what did I do today? I mined some iron...when in doubt, go back to the classics
  10. Well that's highly disappointing...that was my favorite thing to do!
  11. What?! I loved CW! That's kind of my return goal is to be able to play again! Oh P.S....quit posting, this is now our blog...
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