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  1. You never once killed me. Literally never.
  2. He did originally but fixed it 😂 Good list but there can't be a top ten list, even a top 5 without kdog and swifty. Miss runescape sooo bad. Hi, Meili!
  3. Yeah of course I remember you. Didn't you hang out with stinger and 6de6vil6? Friends with devinesaiyan too I think? We ran into each other a lot but we never fought or anything I don't believe. You were a cool guy. Rs is still the best game I ever played, I think it was the community that made it great. Even the annoying people made it fun, they probably made it the most fun actually, it was the best making whole pking clans leave the wilderness with just a couple friends. It was a great game, sad rs2 came out and pushed everyone away. Sooooo long ago, for real played this game on dial up at some point haha. Hope life is awesome for you!
  4. Hey Galiga! I don't think anyone plays rs anymore bro 😂 Hope you been well, I know we talked a bit back then and had each other added for awhile Andddd, GISELLEEEEEE!!!!!! Hi, hi, hi. I'm still white, btw. Hope life is treating you well!
  5. Hey Kenny. The Skype thing was like ten years ago lol, I've tried to reach out to you a few times, asked for your number, msgd on xbox etc. I was randomly thinking about all the fun times we had on rs and trying to pick out the best and I just couldn't. There was Vincent222, terrorizing noobfrie at rune rocks nightly, we must of killed that guy over 25 times, literally made him start mining with full armour and no weapon, maaaannnnn that one summer with me, you, amer, pokey, sir justin, killermandie.. we pked every night and killed everyone, pretty sure we had a clan website and everything? Pking with you and G and most nights, we'd up just fighting each other and the random person showed up after swifty killed you then I killed swifty and swifty dropped like 3 sets and the dragon medium and I had like 8hp and was able to get it lol, the three of us making 30-40 rsd members literally quit pking multiple times haha.. the stuff we did to Pepsi, things I wouldn't do now lol, just so many memories Still remember meeting you and 471 and you were the coolest dude on there, miss you, really wish you had got into xbox and that life is well for you. We literally met at least 18 years ago, probably 19-20, kinda crazy huh?
  6. Deadskinmask here from old rsc, used to be a pretty well known pker and was ranked 87th in HP before rs2 was released. If anyone remembers me, please email at [email protected] if you wanna catch up!
  7. Ayoooo. Anyone here recognize my name? Lol. It's been awhile. Email is [email protected] if anyone wants to catch up.
  8. Sue Me! Yo lol. Deadskinmask here. It's been like 12 years.
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