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  1. Hey there, I'm back after I believe about a year and a half of inactivity. Anyways, I'm too lazy to grab members again, and I was looking for a few of the best spots to wc yews in f2p. I have 88 wc now, cutting willows, and am going to switch over at around 90 or 92 or something. Any consideration of how far from bank, how busy, etc will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Alright people. You know your epic threads. Ever caught them was awesome. It was the only one I was around for besides the pictures thread that was filled with fail. I still can't believe it got taken down because of a DOG jumping out of a MOVING CAR. Anyways, just tell the newbies about paperclip and topical threads for the most part.
  3. There, edited to be more specific. I miss my avatar.
  4. hmm, it's probably closer to a year, because I was around for a few months after GE came out and everyone started whining.
  5. Just dropping by. Wondering what's happened in around a year, and what all the hub-ub about this recent glitch is. I have been here for the GE, summoning, and there were no major updates for a while when I left. EDIT: Alright, answer some specifics and fill me in on anything notable that I miss -What is the recent bug, how did it work, how was it abused, what's the current situation, etc -How is the economy these days? -Dragon claws and plate I hear? Are dragon claws good? - Generally fill me in on new armour and whatever is the best armour now
  6. So wait, once you use one of these weapons for a few seconds, are they trade-able again? Do they completely disintegrate after an hour's use?
  7. From a depressing point of view: The reason we want to live so much is selfishness. Our main desire is joy, and happiness for ourselves. (I had the rest of an argument, calling us all selfish for not helping kids in Africa, but it was bound to fail) As for the after you die thing, You're dead. It won't matter to you, you won't exist :lol: . Just enjoy our freak occurrence.
  8. I'm pretty sure you're my new favourite person. We think alike, even if it's not the same issue. I agree with some of your points though. I like petite women (not just skinny, petite ^_^) but it's just a physical preference. I'm not going to be a jerk and reject someone because they don't meet my guy-standards (so long as they're not an extreme, as mentioned earlier.)
  9. Well, one day, my older cousins and his friends were in town, fooling around, having fun. They decided to head over to the mall. My cousin, being how he is, had a spiderman mask with him. I should explain, that the mall is only two stories tall, and has a glass dome-type roof at certain points. Anyways, my cousin shimmied up a drain pipe, to the top of the roof, and put on the mask. He then tapped on the glass directly above the center of the mall (busy area), getting most everyone's attention, and tried to shot his web. It's even more hilarious if you know the guy. Funny stuff.
  10. I'm going to say a woman, just because.
  11. That's perfectlyy describes how my my ex-gf works. Well, if she is the audience, and ringmaster is... well... I'll have to try that next time.
  12. Should this be in rants? If you want to get your own stuff, go do it. No one is forcing you to use the GE. Also, we're playing an online game, some of us for hours on end. I don't think laziness is all that big of an issue...
  13. I got a zombie champion scroll by accident, when looking for those diary entries during dealing with scarabas. It's all luck man, try not to get too up on it.
  14. If you use ctrl + f to find where the clue and answer quickly, like I do, it'll be confusing if it doesn't pop up.
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