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  1. I have azure chinchompas inventory - how do I put them in small farm paddock ? id I release them they disapear - does anyone have a youtube clip on doing this ??
  2. I just wanted to see if I could kill my 1st Dinosaur- But when I clicked on the Build pileplanks/make trap - it came up with a window "base management" and says that I need 500 hides 1st - and Town hall(Tier 1) I find this very confusing -by hides Im assume Dinosaur hides ? how do I get them if I cant Build the trap to kill the 1st Dinosaur ?? and How do I get Town hall(Tier 1) ?????
  3. so when u use the bond u become 2 weeks full member is this correct ? How is the best way to use these 2 weeks to Level up my combat stats ? Constitution , Defense and Strength ?
  4. Did the new Smithing - Re-Make include getting rid of the creation of iron and steel ingots ? I had steel inots in my bank and a week ago they disappeared. Now when I want to use the new Smithing interface - I can Not find making iron & Steel ingots at Artisan. Please help . Also is there any videos on youtube that shows you how to use the new interface ?
  5. this is about the new mining & smithing re-do - I mined some Luminite and when I was trying out the new smithing interface -the ore all disappeared. I checked in the Bank - nothing there either. Is this a bug ? or is it suppose to disappear ?
  6. I just reached Mining Level 75 - it came up with a message - saying I have received 2 new quest Unlocks - then after clicking I missed to write down what these 2 unlocks were - does anyone know what they are called ??
  7. my stats attack = 62 strength = 62 defense =64 Constitution = 63 I get killed every time. I wear greendragon armour - weapons = 2 double crossbows. Whenever I get near it -it sees me straight away - and shoots at 3 times and Im dead- I used skin protection and rapid heal -but has No effect. Is this really possible with my Low stats ? and how can I kill it ?
  8. I thought the info on the snow Parasol was Defence shield against anyone or anything ? but does not work in wilderness -is that right ??
  9. I trying to get this mini-game started but their is confusion if it is for free players or members only. I have pinned this mini-game and been sent to the spirit tree in the corner next to Grand exchange. So the first problem I notice is that the stupid tree does not let free players talk to it like some web sites have mentioned, also you can not chop anything of it. website also say you must have finished the Tree gnome Village quest which is a Members only thing. So what website is right ? How do I get this started if Im only a free player ?
  10. before I was experimenting with in game settings -allocating xp for skills- but now I can not activate for the non combat skills - which is my smithing. What do I need to change in settings to have the Pulse core activate for smithing ?
  11. I only got this problem recently and Do not know what is causing this. When I pin a daily challenge -it puts this challenge in the top right hand corner -but when I click another icon in bottom Left it changes-when I go back to pinned daily challenge- it says there are No Pinned challenges. I there something wrong in my other settings or is this for everyone ?
  12. the option for all chat is gone, please fix
  13. The feature count check and clue scrolls is not working for me, only worked once- when I go back to count check for more tasks or rewards all he says is - you've already received the drop rewards this time. Come back next time the drop is on for more -but I have done this 3 times already - but nothing happens - is this a bug ???
  14. on http://services.runescape.com/m=news/weekly-update-22nd-october-2018?jptg=ia&jptv=community_news they say clue scrolls are a free feature for the month of October. I have this scroll and I know we are suppose to dig for treasure - dig diredctly North of the bed( meaning the bed in jail) .but when I do my mouse over that Location nothing happens. How do I dig ? I have a shovel . Now what ?
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